These people have lost their f**king minds

The anti-gun activist community has lost it’s fucking mind.

Not just a little like usual.

Like totally gone, they live in a different reality where unicorns fart rainbows into a vivid pink sky.

Nobody has seen any evidence that Trump conspired with Russia.

Rep. Trey Gowdy damn nearly lost his shit over this the other day.

The NRA got about $2,500 since 2015 from Russia.  Mostly in dues from Americans living abroad.

The NRA is a 501(c)4 so they can’t go about hiding millions in Russian money without committing massive fraud, which the IRS is likely to find.

So if Trump didn’t conspire with Russia, and the NRA conspired with Russia almost as much as Trump – what is less than “not at all?”

But Ladd Everitt is going to drive this batshit insanity home.

This is almost good for us in that anybody who gets near this starts to smell like batshit too and loses all credibility.

The downside is that the most foot-stompy of the Left have all gone batshit and having a rational debate is no longer possible.

When almost 600 people are protesting the Senate to “Abolish ICE” and create an open border society, and they are joined by members of the Senate, that is off the deep end.

When the Congressional upset in NYC is that a 28 year old bartending communist gets wins the Primary over a 10 term incumbent, how is that anywhere on the level?

We are now fighting for our freedoms against people who live in DC Bizarro World.



8 Replies to “These people have lost their f**king minds”

  1. Ladd likes the word ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ while at the same time has a picture up of ‘captain america’ punching the president and was just on twitter acting an apologist for crazy maxine calling for assaulting gov’t employees. He’s nothing but a paid stooge w/ anger management issues.

  2. Der Kinderfurher lobbies for universal background checks, which we already have, but then unironically complains about gun safety programs that have been proven to make us all more safe.

  3. Ladd has been batshit insane for years. I think it’s just that a lot of others on the left are finally catching up to him.

  4. “The NRA has a treasonous relationship with Vladimir Putin’s government that is almost as deep as Donald Trump’s.”

    That is completely factual!

    Both the NRA and President Trump have no treasonous relationship with Putin’s government.

    See? The stopped clock IS right twice a day.

  5. Ladd suffers from an extreme case of projection. What do you call someone who wants to take away any of your Constitutional rights? Answer: A traitor.

    The man-boy Hogg suffers from a complete deficit of facts. He demands we use universal background checks which UNIVERSALLY FAIL to stop mass killers. A quick survey shows that nearly all of the firearms used in mass casualty attacks were legally obtained and were used in Gun Free Zones. Man-Boy Hogg needs to digest those truths and learn to STFU.

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