In Oregon Firearms Federation, Inc. v. Brown I wrote:

The gist is that Measure 114 creates a permitting scheme that doesn’t work. It bans magazines and semi-automatic weapons and is another Bruen response spam bill.

As CS pointed out to me, I got it wrong.

Categorizing it as a Bruen response is incorrect. It was a ballot initiative, the language for which was filed in April 2021 (14 months before Bruen) and approved for signature gathering in November 2021 (eight months before Bruen).
Private e-mail with CS (May 24, 2023)

They are correct. I did get it wrong. I’m sorry, all of these bills and cases are starting to run together in my head. Furthermore, I don’t have my tags set correctly on the different cases yet, either.

Measure 114 was a ballot initiative. The anti-gun people in Oregon had been working on multiple infringements within the legislative body. They did not get the votes. Most politicians realize that gun control is often times the third rail of politics.

The anti-gunners don’t like loosing. They went and started the Ballot Initiative. This is the method that the people of Oregon use to get laws passed via direct democracy. Mob rule.

I remember reading that there were a number of things wrong with the process that was used, and there were a number of questions about the legitimacy of the initiative.

According to Ballotpedia, they needed 112,020 valid signatures to get the measure on the ballot. Bay June 23, 2022, they only had around 90,000. This was not enough. By July 9, 2022, they had 159,000. This was barely in time to get the measure on the ballot.

Please note, I’m working from a very fuzzy memory, Oregon wasn’t my state, and it wasn’t of major interest to me, at the time.

All the Country is grist for the mill now. I thank all the readers that have sent us links and announcements about the interesting 2A things happening in their parts of the country.

The measure was written before Bruen being decided. The state should have looked at the Measure and declared it unconstitutional and made them go back and re-write it, and get another set of signatures. That didn’t happen.

Here are the links to prior articles I’ve written regarding Measure 114. I think my writing has gotten better, but not so much that I should go rewrite these articles.

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3 thoughts on “They All Run Together”
  1. “Ballet initiatives” are the ruination of FREEDOM- get a bunch of drug addled idiots to vote for or against something…. Time to return to the “old ways”- only land owners and WORKING people should vote..

  2. Ah, the ballot initiative. On the surface a good idea, so the people can override or supplant the legislature when it won’t or can’t do the will of the people. (Leaving aside the cases where it in fact “shouldn’t”…)
    Of course, there is a mechanism for replacing said legislature, begging the question of why the ballot initiative is needed; but then, who are we to suggest the populace not vote themselves the keys to the treasury, eh?

  3. Not sure how far you fell short of perfection in writing on these cases, but I know, I’ve learned a lot from your efforts, so it’s a plus plus just the same. It seems you enjoy investigative work into one of the most complicated challenges in American History, to understand second amendment case laws in the fifty states. That’s a steak most people decline to put a knife to. The bite sized pieces are tasty so keep it up.

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