This is from a 1943 movie, This Is The Army.

According to this LGBT activist, it provides there is nothing more American and patriotic than drag.

Drag queens are real Americans.

Of course, he has to lie by conflating.

In the plot of the movie, the solders in the performance are a troop of soldiers that perform for units at the front to boost morale.  They get the opportunity to return stateside to perform for the President.

The soldiers in “drag” are doing so because there were no females at the front.

This is Vaudeville.

This is not the sexualized, double entendre named, fetishized drag queens that are at the center of controversy today.

That, a musical with music Irving Berlin, is not this degeneracy.


But this degenerate needs you to believe that This Is The Army is the same as that perversion so that you are the bad guy for not wanting children exposes to it.

I will not them bullshit me.

I can tell the difference between wartime camp and perverts who engage in sexually degeneracy in front of children.

I have eyes and a functioning, rational mind.

This is evil, trying to lie to you, that two plus two doesn’t equal four, and drag is wholesome and patriotic.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “They always, always, always lie”
  1. Drag is a legit art form. Even the overtly sexualized drag. Vaudeville, Monty Python, etc…
    But, there is no drag, none that is anything less than PG 13. And, that is the problem. The “drag queens” are performing R and NC-17 level acts in front of children.
    Want to do a drag show, great, go for it. But do it in front of an age appropriate audience.

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