I have come to believe that all these calls for unity from the Democrats was intended to be for fellow democrats.

They are about to eat each other.

From Politico:

Tlaib lashes out at centrist Dems over election debacle: ‘I can’t be silent’

House Democrats lost seats instead of expanding their majority, underperforming expectations across the board. And moderates have pounced on liberals like Tlaib, the Michigan congresswoman, accusing them of handing conservatives a set of slogans and policies to scare voters.

But Tlaib and other House progressives don’t want to hear it. It all amounts to unfair blame-casting designed to shame them into staying quiet, they say, right as Democrats gain control of the White House.

That is in reference to a conference call from last week after the election which was covered by a reporter.

Then there is this from the Independent:

This is after Progressives demanded that Sanders and Warren have positions in Biden’s cabinet.

They are going to destroy themselves before they get the camps going to exterminate Trump supporters.


They them thin themselves out first.  I will make it easier for us later on.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “They always eat their own”
  1. The Bernie and Warren not getting cabinet positions is more about not losing their senate seats. I can’t believe all their supporters don’t see that.

    1. Formynder: you are likely correct.

      However, more lib autophagy=the more I giggle like a schoolchild.

      It is unlikely that “the base” can think that far ahead. Thank a Benevolent Creator.

  2. The more proggie the lib, the more they ‘double down’ and blame everyone else but themselves for their failures.

  3. I doubt it. Exterminating all Trump supporters is the top priority of all Democrats. They can set aside there differences for a few weeks to pass legislation mandating the complete and total extermination of all Trump voters, gun owners and registered republicans along with all United States citizens that oppose that. After all they still have one thing unifying them: the compete and total mandated extermination of every single United States citizen that opposes them in any way up to and including the complete and total extermination of the entire United States population. After all there are a few democrats out there that would be against that. Not many but that’s fine as the democrats would have no problem with the complete and total extermination of every single registered democrat that opposes the extermination of every single Trump voter gun owner and person that is not them. After all they only people that should be allowed to live are members of the Democratic Party in full support of the extermination of all United States citizens that oppose them and the Democratic allies and enabler‘s in the media.

  4. LOL, so it’s suddenly “Moderates Pounce”, is it? What a shock; apparently anyone who criticizes socialism in any way suddenly becomes the bad guy.
    It’s not that the moderates were rightly pointing out that it was all the revolutionary bullshit, defund the police, pro-riot, anti-America crap they were spouting that cost them all the election, it’s that they were “pouncing” on the innocent socialists and trying to cast aspersions on their name. “No!” say the socialists, “the problem is that we weren’t extreme ENOUGH, and it offended the silent majority who want to live in a state-centric, police-free (I bet!) anarchist anti-business commune!”

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