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SA gun control ruling puts spotlight on police

The South African Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association (Saaada) has labelled a firearms-control ruling by the Constitutional Court as “a travesty of justice” and has resolved not to help with its enforcement‚ saying the ruling deprives many responsible gun owners of their property and the ability to protect themselves in a crime-ridden society.

In June‚ the court upheld the constitutionality of regular firearm licences‚ after an appeal by the minister of safety and security‚ by dismissing a high court order that had declared that two sections of the Firearms Control Act of 2000 were unconstitutional.

The court ruled that gun ownership was not a fundamental right under SA’s Bill of Rights‚ but a privilege regulated by the act. The ruling means gun owners with unlicensed firearms must surrender them to the police without compensation. It means also that about 400‚000 people are now deemed to be illegal firearm owners.

The litigation‚ brought by the Hunters and Game Conservation Association in 2016‚ challenged sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act of 2000‚ which stipulated that gun owners were required to regularly renew their firearm licences. It said the sections were vague‚ irrational‚ breached the right of equality and deprived gun owners of their property. Under the act of 2000‚ gun owners who have not renewed their licences must forfeit their firearms to the state.

So the South African court has decided that gun ownership is not a right and some 400,000 South Africans must turn in their guns.

This comes on the heels of a South African parliamentary decision.

‘The time for reconciliation is over’: South Africa votes to confiscate white-owned land without compensation

SOUTH Africa’s parliament has voted in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was brought by Julius Malema, leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters, and passed overwhelmingly by 241 votes to 83 against. The only parties who did not support the motion were the Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus, Cope and the African Christian Democratic Party.

It was amended but supported by the ruling African National Congress and new president Cyril Ramaphosa, who made land expropriation a key pillar of his policy platform after taking over from ousted PM Jacob Zuma earlier this month.

“The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice,” Mr Malema was quoted by News24 as telling parliament. “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

Some people might be familiar with the problem of the attacks on white farmers in South Africa.

Farmers in South Africa claim they are being targeted in ‘horrific’ attacks

White farmers in South Africa claim they are being targeted in a series of brutal attacks over land that are being overlooked by police and implicitly encouraged by the country’s parliament.

Activist groups promoting the rights of white people in the country claim there have been 90 recorded attacks in 2018 so far, with one farmer murdered every five days on average.

South Africa farm attacks: Brutal crimes landowners face

SOUTH Africans have spoken out about the brutal violence rocking the country with fears growing the country is descending into a state of chaos.

One woman living in South Africa, who didn’t want to be named out of fear of reprisals, told she and her family were living in a constant state of fear.

The retiree said crime wasn’t limited just to white people or farming communities but accused the government of not doing enough to protect all South Africans.

“We are living in fear and are reluctant to go out at night and even during the day,” she told

“So basically you are housebound most of the time. This is a terrible way to live.”

The Cillies, who sold up after receiving death threats, said many of their friends at first thought they were mad for leaving.

“One friend asked me why I was leaving, and I remember saying: ‘Do we immigrate before my wife is raped or after,” he said.

Mr Cillie said he was saddened to hear what was taking place back home and the brutality was only getting worse.

“It’s the brutality which shocks me,” he said. “You hear stories of people having boiled water tipped over them before they are raped and killed.

So radical Marxists in South Africa have legalized the confiscation of land owned and farmed by white people for generations.  The South African government seems to be going the way of Zimbabwe and turning a blind eye to the murder of white farmers.  White farmers are being tortured and murdered.

You can hear in interviews with white farmers that they live in constant fear and just how important guns are for their personal protection.

Now the South African courts are taking their guns away.

This farmer said it exactly right “The most thing they want is to disarm our white people.  They want our guns, they want our money, and they want our land.”

If there is one thing Marxists are good at, it’s slaughtering people.

This is racial Marxism.  This is a prelude to genocide.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “They always take the guns before they start the genocide”
  1. Yeah, it’s not a great time to be a (white) South African like I am.

    There is some good news though. Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) has brought a new case to the courts starting with an urgent interdict to stop police from pressurising firearm owners to hand in firearms. The urgent interdict will be heard in the High Court next week after the state’s attempt to delay or scrap the case from the roll failed. The second part of the case on the normal court roll which should be heard late this year or early next year is to seek permanent scrapping of the relicensing requirements (you have to renew your licence every 5 or 10 years, depending on category of ownership).

    For those not in the know, our present law is based on the now discarded as inefficient and expensive Canadian gun registration laws. Ideology triumphs though as our government persists with a totally unworkable system costing them millions of Rands that can be better spent tackling actual criminals.

    Two lessons for you Yanks then:

    1) NEVER, EVER agree to registration as a “common sense” law. That’s where it starts.

    2) Always distrust the Fuds. Our local version has put us in this place by their ham-fisted court case referred to in your article. GOSA offered to assist and cautioned against several weak points in the case but the Fuds rebuffed them. Fortunately GOSA approached the court during that case as an independent party and managed to block certain parts of a potential ruling, creating the opening GOSA is now pursuing.

    Follow GOSA on Facebook if you’re interested in the happenings.

  2. Also, it would be dandy if well qualified people had an easy way to immigrate to the US as opposed to illegals walking across the border. I’m forced to look at other countries (with even more restrictive gun laws than in South Africa) to secure my children’s future. I can’t exactly swim across the Atlantic.

    1. Australia was doing some good about that until the Aussi SJWs shut that down.

      I’d love to see Trump give white South Africans refugee status. You deserve it. And it would make SJW’s heads explode.

      Just make sure you bring the gemsbok with you when you start farming in Texas.

    2. The “merit based immigration” is supposed to accomplish that. Dems will of course oppose that because they hate merit, but maybe it will happen after the elections.

  3. You know, things are bad, when you consider Russia as asylum. There’s South African immigrants currently considering Stavropol as their destination. About 50 families for now

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