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I am still working my way through Ordinary Men, so the description of Jews being stood before trenches and shot is still fresh in my mind.

What this Tweet reveals is just how partisan and political this really us.

The most unvaccinated group in the country is Black people.

Do you really think this guy is for the extermination of African Americans?

White elderly are the most vaccinated group in America, a demographic that is heavily Republican.  Remember that the Media attacked Governor DeSantis for prioritizing vaccinating the elderly because they claimed he was prioritizing his voting base.

The narrative is that all vaccinated people are good, obedient Democrats and all unvaccinated are bad, Trump supporting, inserectionist, Republicans.

Ergo, some Tweet about the mass murder of the unvaccinated is code for/tantamount to calling for the mass execution of Right wing Republicans.

Which is why Lars here is so emboldened to say this.  Because the Left has always believed that their utopia can be achieved if they exterminate the people who disagre with them and stand in their way.

This attitude, or something similar, toward the unvaccinated is held by a lot of people.  This is going to get very bad as long as this narrative is maintained.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “They are constantly proving that vaccination status has nothing to do with controlling COVID and everything to do with political totalitarianism”
  1. “I got vaccinated, and the vaccine doesn’t work unless all you Untermenschen get it too, so get onboard or be exterminated!”
    It’s very much a cult thing, and rapidly becoming a murderous cult.
    “The GOP is the party of death!” says the party of abortion on demand up to the fourth trimester… and the party of going full Dalek on the non-obedient.

  2. I have had the vaccine. My choice. I will still gladly defend the choices of those who don’t want it. The attitude of killing fields is why I am stockpiling and caching guns and ammo.

    1. First they came for the unvaccinated. Since some of my friends are unvaccinated and I know where this attitude goes, I fought back killed them all. The end.

  3. Don’t forget exterminating everyone that is vaccinated does not support exterminating people that are not.

    Didn’t I literally say they wanna do this several weeks ago?

  4. Vaccination status is just an excuse. They want to kill us all, and if everyone was vaccinated they’d find another rationalization. Plan accordingly.

  5. Twitter needs to be destroyed. There is nothing good that comes from it. The exchange of ideas there, left or right, is toxic, and it’s a fetid echo chamber at best, and a cauldron of pure hate and rage at worst.

  6. Searching with DuckDuckGo, it seems Lars has disappeared.
    And yes, we, conservative, normal Americans, have allowed the fascists to go to far, this situation will not end without bloodshed, either theirs or ours. The time is fast approaching, either stand up and fight to the death or kneel and take the shot in the back of the head. We each are facing that choice.

    1. You are right and btw those bullets will go both ways so the fools that want to kill us unvaccinated had better think about that before they try.

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