The vaccine neither prevents transmission or infection.  What it seems to do is minimize the symptoms and reduce lethality.

Making it tantamount to a flu shot.  You still get the flu with a flu shot but it’s not as severe.

But thats not the point.

The point is a “malignant minority” who refuses to obey the elites’ demand for compliance are the problem and the final solution to that is to deny them medical care and let them die.

I got vaccinated early on before it really turned into the shit show it is now.  I had a bad reaction, I got laid out for two days.  It hurt as much as when I got COVID the first time.  I’m not getting the booster and I’m not vaccinating my 8-year-old because of the reaction I had.

I’m fine with personal choice on this.

The dehumanizing of those who don’t want it and the advocacy for their death is crossing a Rubicon.

These people are getting danger close to violent pushback.

First they came for the unvaccinated and I slotted them all because when they decided the unvaccinated includes those who refuse boosters they will come for me.

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By J. Kb

23 thoughts on “They are getting danger close to violence”
  1. Forcing someone to do something to their own bodies against their will through the use of coercion is tantamount to rape. I will not allow myself to be jab raped.

  2. Twitter chest pounding from someone putting into words their own totalitarian fantasy. You could bring up to these people that the vaccines have no bearing on a person’s ability to contract or spread Covid, but the vaccines are only the current vehicle. The totalitarian instincts of progressives will latch onto anything. If we didn’t have Covid, this Frum guy would be writing similar things, only with a different perceived villain, almost certainly President Trump.

    1. Frum is a frequent topic of discussion on pro-gun and pro-freedom blogs for a very long time because he’s been writing crap like this for a while. Before COVID/vaccines, it was Trump. Before Trump, it was the NRA.

      He’s the token “conservative” of his news outlet … which puts him slightly to the right of Stalin but still left of FDR.

      AFAIK, as bad as FDR was, even he didn’t go so far as to advocate denying life-saving medical care to “undesirables”.

  3. 1. I dont believe that 70% of Americans have been vaxed.
    2. These keyboard kommandos are shit stirrers.
    Everything media told Americans was a lie
    I dont believe covid killed 700+thousand in this Country.
    It needs to go away. Its getting really old

    1. 1. 0% of Americans have been vaccinated against the COVID virus. The jab is not a vaccine. It’s an experimental gene therapy using mRNA to re-code human cells to do something they’re not designed to do.

      2. Agreed. It’s been lie after lie, and even when it’s not an intentional lie they’ve been wrong more than right. Far too many of those 700k “COVID deaths” have other clear causes (car crashes, drug/alcohol overdoses, gunshot wounds, etc.) and are included only because they posthumously tested positive. “Dead with COVID”, not “dead from COVID”. There’s a subtle difference, but the records are signed and sealed; we’ll probably never know how many were falsely categorized as “COVID deaths” to drive up the numbers.

        1. Please inform me, then.

          A vaccine imparts immunity — or at the very least, resistance — to a pathogen.

          Those who have received the COVID shot(s) can still become infected and spread the virus to others. They are not immune, and there’s little indication they become infected or spread the virus at a lower rate. At best, they just show milder symptoms.

          On top of that, a vaccine prompts an immune response by introducing viral proteins and antigens. The COVID shot(s) re-code human cells to produce viral proteins in the hope that the immune system will respond to the proteins, at the expense of preventing those cells from doing their normal job.

          Ergo, the COVID shot(s) simply do not meet the definition of “vaccine”. It’s mRNA gene manipulation to alter human cells to produce virus-like proteins, in the hope that it will produce some antibodies that will be effective against a virus it’s never encountered. As more and more “fully-vaccinated” people get sick from Delta and Omicron, that hope is increasingly going unrealized.

          What part of this is “nonsense”?

          1. You said it: a vaccine provides resistance to a pathogen. The COVID vaccines do exactly that. Just like all other vaccines, the level of resistance is not 100%, but it is measured to be substantial. Yes, there IS indication that people become infected and spread virus at far lower rates. I admit that left wing politicians, for power hungry reasons, muddle that fact, but it remains a fact nonetheless.

            As for “recoding the cells”, that’s bunk. The mRNA feeds the protein making machinery of the cell for a short while (until it degrades as mRNA always does) and that produces virus-analog proteins for the immune system to act on. It does not enter the nucleus where the genetic code lives, so obviously it can’t “recode” it. Actually, mRNA can’t do that in any case, but it’s beside the point since it never gets there.

  4. I am vaccinated. I am seriously beginning to wonder if it was a mistake?

    The batshit insane drive to get everyone vaccinated with a vaccine that does not even work is making me incredibly suspicious. They are also denying the KNOWN effectiveness of being previously infected. Throw in the almost hysterical refusal to even investigate any possible treatment using readily available inexpensive generic drugs like Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin?

    They are pushing this way too hard. Insanely pushing everyone to get vaccinated, even if the vaccine is a bigger risk to the young than the disease itself.

    1. Whole provinces in India, despite being plagued by COVID, have almost no deaths.

      What’s the difference between there and here? For one, doctors in those provinces hand out Ivermectin like candy to anyone who tests positive, and when they do they give enough for the whole household to take as a prophylactic. Thus their “COVID death” count is a tiny fraction of ours, despite having triple the population, most of whom are jam-packed along the coast and in cities.

      Because when there’s a cheap, safe, mass-produced generic drug that’s been proven effective as a therapeutic and prophylactic, it doesn’t make much sense to ban its use and purchase a price-gouged new drug for a billion people.

      If only the U.S. government had that much wisdom … or that much less faith in the “benevolence” of Big (Profit) Pharma.

  5. First they came for the unvaccinated and I slotted them all because when they decided the unvaccinated includes those who refuse boosters they will come for me.

    I’m just going to drop this here: US News: Fauci Says It’s a Matter of ‘When, Not if’ the Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Change

    Faux-chi has since back-tracked on that, but the man has been wrong more than right and speaks with a forked tongue even when correct; you can’t trust anything he says. That headline is from last week, and even if he’s denying it now — especially if he’s denying it — you KNOW the definition of “fully-vaccinated” WILL eventually change to include endless, ongoing boosters.

    They’ve already changed the definition of “vaccine” from (paraphrased) “a preparation that imparts immunity to a specific pathogen” to “a preparation that produces an immune response”*. Changing the definition of “fully-vaccinated” will be no problem.

    * – Note the lack of both “imparts immunity” and “specific pathogen”. Under the new definition, any bug bite or sting could be considered a “vaccine”, since it produces an immune response, but you don’t get immunity to mosquitoes by getting bit. (“If only”, amirite?)

  6. “If, at this point, you are still unvaccinated, you are not a victim. You are a cause of the victimization of vulnerable others”

    I think I need this Frum guy to explain this statement to me. First of all, if you are unvaccinated by choice, why would you claim victim status? (HINT: They are victims of idiots like you who want to force everyone to live their lives in a way you deem acceptable.)

    Next, since even the vaccinated can spread the disease (and are more likely to because the symptoms are less or non-existent), how is it the unvaccinated are the Typhoid Marys? In fact, it is the fully vaccinated who are victimizing the vulnerable.

    @rd: “I am vaccinated. I am seriously beginning to wonder if it was a mistake?”
    Same here. And, I am not going to get the 3rd, or the 30th shot. Too much info about bad side effects, not enough incentive to get it.

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