Diane Feinstein is known among gun rights activists for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban that she introduced.

When she was interviewed about that ban, she said that she wished she were able to go further with it.

Turn them all in.”

Then the Republican Revolution swept a Republican majority into the House and Senate in 1994, partly driven by a backlash against this heavy handed gun control bill.

In 2018, Dianne Feinstein isn’t radical enough for the Democrats anymore.

She lost her party’s nomination for Senate to Kevin “ghost gun” de Leon.

This guy is even more ignorant and self righteous then Feinstein.  It’s a terrible combination for any elected official but it’s exactly what makes to get noticed in #Resistance Democrats.

The less they know and the angrier they are about it, the better they seem do in their own circles.

If he pulls and Ocasio-Cortez and unseats an established incumbent – he’s Hispanic, a socialist, radical, and dumb as a box of shit, so has the same advantages in CA as Ocasio-Cortez had in her district in NYC – we’re going to be in for a fight.

This is going to be the new leader of the anti-gun movement in the Senate.

We need SCOTUS in our pocket to slap this piece of shit and anything he might try to pull back into place.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “They are getting dumber on guns”
  1. So, basically he’s the Thundercougarfalconberg of gun grabber manhood.

    And this even though she trounced him in the June primaries.

    I am so glad I no longer live in California.

    1. In the primary, Diane got 44% of the vote, and DeLeon got only 12% of the vote.
      We’ll see how that shakes out in the November General election.

  2. “She lost her party’s nomination for Senate to Kevin “ghost gun” de Leon.”

    Endorsement, not nomination. And it happened before.

  3. What’s scary is that one day, the Democrats are going to eventually regain control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Hopefully that’s at least sometime after 2024. That’s when the fireworks start. It will be people like Kevin DeLeon penning legislation that will be rubber stamped and passed into law.

    I’d say “prepare accordingly” but I suspect you all already are.

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