They are getting ready to wipe out the Jews again and Lefty Jews are helping

Unites States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar gave an interview in which she talked about Israeli-Palestinian relations.  Not just were her facts wrong, it is clear that she wants Israel to cease to exist as a Jewish state.

Whenever I hear a Leftist criticize Israel for being a Jewish state, I have to ask, why do they not criticize all 57 member state of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which had the duty in its charter to “safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world.”

Why is there nary a peep about the fact the 57 states have Islam as the official state religion and Islamic or Sharia law as some aspect of their legal code, but as soon as Israel calls itself a Jewish state, they freak out.

The answer is straight up Jew hatred.

Let me be absolutely clear on my position.

On no uncertain terms,  I want Israel to be a Jewish state.

If you don’t understand why that is so important, let me explain it.

The history of diaspora Judaism is unambiguous.  The Jews have lived at the mercy of the king or lord of whatever nation they have ever lived in.  Every once in a while, something would happen and that mercy ran out as the Jews became a convenient scapegoat for the problem the people were facing.  The Jews were then expelled or killed or tortured and converted.

After the Holocaust it was decided the Jews needed their own country.  One in which the Jews did not live at the mercy of anybody.  The nations leaders, the judges, the soldiers who carry the guns and drive the tanks are Jews.  It is the only place with Jews are truly safe from goverment persecution.

The Freshmen Democrats are proving that every day.

Jew haters understand this.  They know it just as much as we Jews do.  So they must, MUST eliminate Israel if they want to eliminate the Jews.  They need to get rid of our Alamo, our last bastion of security, our safe space, if they want to get rid of us.  Then we will have no where to run to, no place to mount our defenses.

This is why I am such as ardent defender of Israel.  It helps that Israel is generally much more on the up-and-up compared to its enemies, but frankly, I don’t care if it wasn’t.  The moral high ground is nice, but my interest is survival.

If the Muslims did wipe out Israel, no matter what inhumanity they used to do it, as the victors they will write the history books and the Lefties will accept it and teach it in the universities that the Jews deserved to be exterminated by the Muslims.

Survival above all else.

And so what we see from the Left is an attempt to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, which would make the Jews of Israel once again live at the mercy of others, like they did during the Mandate which resulted in atrocities like the 1929 Hebron Massacre.

Enter this Twitter thread by Max Berger, a radical Lefty, intersectional socialist.

This is an attempt to destroy Israel as a Jewish state by linking it to segregation.

We can get into the 1.6 Million Palestinians he’s talking about not being Israeli citizens and how they really live under the control of the Palestinian Authority… but I really don’t give a fuck.

They are child murdering savages who voted into power a group that holds wiping out the Jews as it’s primary duty in its charter.


It is the Rule of Trotsky, Jews stand with the Leftists then the Leftists stab the Jews in the back.

It never fails.  Jews really helped push for the end of Jim Crow and were on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement.  Pictures in history books show black people marching, but it was Jews who fought in the courtrooms of America for civil rights.  Jews felt solidarity with blacks as another oppressed group.

Now look at Black/Jewish relations.  You can’t find a black Democrat activist who isn’t a raging anti-Semite.

I am not helping fuck all anybody on the Left, because the second I help them with a victory, I’ll end up with an ice axe in my skull.

Palestinians celebrated, handing out candy, when the news broke of the murder of the Fogel family in Israel.  All five, including the three children were killed.  The three month old baby was stabbed in his crib as he slept.  The funeral for he Fogel family was a national event in Israel.  Palestinians threw rocks at the buses carrying mourners to the grave.

Palestinians deserve nothing from Jews, except experiencing first hand the work of Jewish physicists Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam.

I have nothing but a seething, violent hatred for Lefty Jews.  I don’t even consider them Jews.  They worship Progressivism.  They put their ideology over the very survival of the Jewish people.  I just have never been able to ascertain if they are so ideologically naive that they don’t understand that or if they are such self hating Jews they do it on purpose.

One day I might have the opportunity to beat an answer out of one of them.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar saw this despicable Twitter rant jumped right in with it.

This is quite simply the plan.

Delegitimize Israel as a Jewish state.  I have heard ramblings of a one state solution that makes Jews the minority in Israel.

Give the Jews of the rest of the world no where to flee to and allow them to be murdered by radical Muslims as Progressives turn a blind eye to Islamic violence.

This is what is happening in Europe right now.  The Europeans don’t need concentration camps to get rid of the Jews, the migrants are effectively driving the last of the Jews out of Europe through a systematic campaign of antisemitic attacks.

The Left in America is going to try and wipe out the Jews with social justice.

I have no compunction against returning the favor with bullets.

6 Replies to “They are getting ready to wipe out the Jews again and Lefty Jews are helping”

  1. Ilhan Omar talks about how we (the U.S.) have a relationship with the Israeli government, but we don’t have a matching one with the Palestinian government.

    Let me spell this out: We have a relationship with the Israeli government because Israel is an independent nation-state with its own sovereign government, with whom we’ve established and ratified a formal treaty.

    Palestine … eh, not so much.

    But then, you have to examine why: The “two-state solution”, wherein Palestine becomes its own sovereign nation separate from Israel, has been proposed — repeatedly — over the years, and Israel is willing to let it happen, but the Palestinian authorities reject it every time. (I have my own theories as to why they would reject precisely the cure for their “grievances” against Israel.)

    They don’t want their own nation, so they don’t have their own nation. With no nation, they have no official government. So there’s literally nothing there with which the U.S. government can form a relationship or treaty.

    And it’s not because the Jews in Israel want to keep the Palestinians oppressed. The offers to have Palestine form it’s own independent nation have been made and rejected … by the Palestinians.

    The funeral for he Fogel family was a national event in Israel. Palestinians threw rocks at the buses carrying mourners to the grave.

    And let’s be clear here, too: When we say, “threw rocks at the buses”, we’re not talking about handfuls of pebbles tossed from the side of the road. We’re talking construction-grade cinder blocks thrown from highway overpasses.

    If you get hit by one of those, you die, almost certainly. If it’s a near-miss, you still might die in the ensuing car wreck.

    The media likes to spin it to say Palestinians “throwing rocks” is a form of harmless protest and Israel’s reaction to it is overblown. In reality the rock-throwing is an act of attempted (and sometimes successful) aggravated murder, and if anything, Israel is exercising a level of patience worthy of Job himself when dealing with Palestine and its “protesters”.

  2. It’s not just jews. There can no longer be ANY country for white people anywhere. And now that jews are ‘ultra white’, well, you’re just one of ‘those people’ now…

  3. I used to think that 5% of the human populace was irredeemably stupid. They didn’t care that they were stupid. They were the people that Jay Leno used to make fun of. (‘Duh, the earth goes around the moon, right?”)

    As I got older, I thought that maybe 10% of humans were mostly stupid, most of the time, and they didn’t care.

    As I got even older, and found out that half the people don’t know shit about history or science or anything except the latest pop craze, I began to doubt my estimates.

    Now, I am convinced that over 50% of all humans are too stupid to vote, or hold any opinion about governance, or law, or science, or history.

    And the Leftist manipulators know this, and feed them what they have been conditioned to want. Without compunction, and without remorse.

    So that they can gain power, which is what they want.

    It’s obvious that the Leftists in charge are not concerned about their constituents. They are just pandering to get the power.

    Lord help us if this happens.

    I am greatly saddened by this conclusion…..

  4. I have literally laughed in the face of idiots that use the old crap of Israel is not a democracy and how they make second class people out of the Pals. I then point out how Saudi Arabia and all of the other arab states treat non-muslims as second class people or worse and that most arab states are not democracies themselves.
    It usually makes their heads explode and like most libs, when you point out their hypocrisy, they just start foaming at the mouth and switch to personal attacks because they have nothing left.

  5. The fruits of the Labor of Drs. Teller and Ulam.
    I hope it does not come to that.
    Nevertheless… it would be fitting.

    Israel will survive.

    This in spite of the fact that the modern Democrat Party of the Left hates Israel and America.

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