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Bill Gates recently said that he believes rich nations would help the global fight against climate change by consuming only plant-based meat products instead of beef.

In a recent interview with Technology Review, Gates discussed his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” and emphasized the benefits rich nations could produce by moving to “100% synthetic beef.”

“You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time.”

No, I am not going to get used to the taste. I’m not going to eat that shit at all.

I can’t fathom what goes on in the heads if these sociopathic, megalomaniac billionaires that they make money and decide they are God-emperors who have the ability to tell the rest of how to live and what to eat.

Cattle have been domesticated and used as a foodsource for over 10,000 years, and this guy makes a bunch of money and decides single handedly to change the entire course of human food consumption.

Bill Gates can get fucked with a howitzer.

I will not live in a pod and I will not eat the fake meat.


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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “They are going to cram fake meat down our throats”
  1. You can damn sure bet that they won’t be giving up their Waygu steaks or anything of the sort. I’m convinced they’re pushing all this shit to just have more for themselves. Not content with being at the top, they want to push everyone below them down.

  2. “You can get used to the taste difference,….”

    Like the rat in Ratatouille…”You know, if you muscle your way past the gag reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.”

  3. The really important point here is: if your food comes from a factory, your life depends on that factory continuing to function… and on the Corporate Overlords continuing to regard you as a worthy customer.
    Real food comes from distributed sources, and can be bartered if all else fails.
    Considering how the industrial fertilizer supply is looking just now, I don’t think I want to bet my life on some newfangled high-tech factory continuing to churn out imitation food.
    And… consider how much of what the experts have told us, over the decades, about human nutrition has turned out to be seriously wrong. Are we confident that the experts have it right this time, and that synthechow will actually provide all necessary nutrition? Especially given that the hubristic Overlord class wants 90% of us to die?
    On a completely unrelated note, I’ve just embarked on a project to expand the Victory Garden, just in case farming needs to become more than a hobby. Gotta make another run to the ag co-op and see if they still have any of that good fertilizer.

    1. Synthechow….good one. If you don’t mind, I’ll use that!

      These days, its very hard to find food that hasn’t been factory processed. Agree that if we get totally dependent on the system providing for us, it will be another avenue for control. A garden is a great idea, I wish I had space for more than a few tomato and pepper plants.

      Plant based meat I think is the least worst of the bad plans I have heard. Bugs and insects are also on the menu if these climate freaks have their way.

  4. I’m fascinated by how stupid Gates sounds. This is only going to go well in big bugmen hive cities. Nowhere else, period.

    I’m also pissed, because this babbling knob goblin is going to screw up the research on food creation. There are genuine applications for space travel because, y’know, it’s easier to manage a platter of mycoprotein in zero-g than a cow.

    But because Bill Gates wants to show he knows better than you, he’s going to open his withered gob and mess it up.

    And yeah, as Ragnar said, you can be damn sure he won’t have to give up his Kobe beef.

    We’re getting the cyberpunk dystopia, but without the cool metal arms or sunglasses.

  5. These people Refuse To Think beyond there Agenda.

    When the availabilty of Real Meat is no more For Whatever Reason….or severly limited.

    The Deer, Pig, Elk, Bison, you name it.. Your getting the idea.

    Are going to be DECIMATED amd some WIPED OUT completely by …Survival/Hunting.

    Hunting Licenses will go to Zero.

    Johnny farmer is gonna have to 24/7 security his Farm and its Animals.
    And thats gonna End Real Real Bad.

    These are not smart people.
    There just LOUD

  6. I am sick and tired of these people constantly complaining about “climate” change. Geezus. Shut. The. Fuk. Up. Hippy!

    1. Oh, climate change is real, and has been ever since Earth acquired an atmosphere, and will remain real as long as that atmosphere continues to exist. Ask any dinosaur.
      This is why the term “climate change” was invented; it a non-falsifiable term, in other words any use of it by definition does not involve any science. The earlier term “global warming” was dumped after the fakers realized that they’d be in trouble during cold weather.
      The thing that is very much in doubt is “anthropogenic climate change”.
      Meanwhile, on Bill Gates: he never had many brains, and in his old age what little he had seems to have atrophied entirely.

  7. This strikes me as a false economy, or an out right fraud (ex. solar freakin roadways)
    1.) Cows convert plants to meat without the aid of fossil fuels. They are literally carbon neutral.
    2.) Now I’m no expert, and I need to do more research, but generally speaking, humans using a lab to convert plants into meat, is at first glance, going to be a very energy hungry process.

  8. Even if the rich nations of the world took Gates’ suggestion, they will only convert to 99% synthetic beef. There will always be that 1% that refuse.

    The perfect overlap of the 1% who continue to eat real beef and the wealthiest 1% of citizens who can afford real beef at delicacy prices, is pure coincidence. Go back to your homes, nothing to see here.

    PURE coincidence. Nothing. To. See. Here.

    Once again I have to wonder: Does Gates just not see that throughout history, no matter how “lean” times get, the very rich never have to give up their comforts? If not, is he blinded by ideology or stupidity?


  9. In Gates’ case, this is easy to understand. He’s a major investor in both big companies, Impossible and Beyond Meat.

    It’s a commercial. That’s all. Just ignore it.

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