Nothing to see here, just the Palestinian tactic of trying to run over some Jews on a sidewalk.

It worked (for a while) in Israel.

It worked in France.

It worked in the UK.

Now they are trying it in the US.

This is why I carry.  You never know when someone will try to kill you for whatever reason they choose.

I really don’t care what caliber you carry, but I will make one recommendation.  With more of these car attacks happening in the US (Ohio State and Charlottesville) I recommend getting bullets that pass the FBI test protocol that include window glass.

The new Golden Saber Black Belt has good test reviews, and I know the Critical Duty round is available at Cabela’s.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “They can’t blame this one on Trump so you won’t hear about it on CNN – also, this is why I carry”
      1. Here is the link, click on ‘Technologies’ in the menubar.

        Here’s a paragraph from their Xtreme Defense .40 cal. ammo webpage – “CNC machined from solid copper to overcome barriers to penetration
        Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward to build pressure
        Minimal surface area to increase the force at the point of contact and sharp cutting edges that defeat barriers”.

        I have tested all their ammo and this particular type of round and caliber outperforms all their other types and calibers. All blow through 1.5″ of pressure treated 2 by 6 lumber sitting in front of a concrete block (hollow web part) and then through 4-5 one gallon plastic jugs with water.

        However the 40 cal. always makes it through the 5th jug and lands on the ground about a foot past it. The bullet is always intact, hardly a scratch and when measured, hasn’t changed in size and is able to be reloaded.

        It seems that copper holds an edge quite well and doesn’t deform when penetrating common barriers. I’ve shot them through old car doors, (1965 caddy door) and two stacked 2 by 6 PT lumber and could not find the bullet. This is due to the bullet requiring moisture, H2O, flesh of any kind in order for it to slow down and dump all it’s energy within the advertised 18″ penetration, 1350 fps, creating 3 inches of permanent wound cavity caused by hydraulic disruption of human flesh and muscle–flutes act as 4 plows causing extreme hemorrhaging 3 inches in diameter.

        The problem with these FTM projectiles is, if you don’t hit moisture the chances of collateral damage are very possible, especially indoors. Thus…I use their JHP ammo line, which is incredible, 10 inches of penetration and 1.13 inches of expansion with 950 fps. Perfect for indoors, apartments, etc.

  1. Federal HST in my .380 and .45’s, and I have Speer Gold Dot +P+ that I carry in my Glock 19. I’m confident these choices will get the job done.

  2. Fluid Transfer Monolithic (FTM) projectiles designed by Lehigh Defense perform almost the same results across all pistol calibers from .380 to 10 mm — 14-18″ penetration, 2.5-3.0″ wound cavity, low recoil, and $2 per round average price for Xtreme Defense rounds.

    They also make the best JHP round on the market, Xtreme Expansion, with 10-12″ penetration, 380-9mm open to .82″ expansion, 40 1.13″, 45 at 1.28″, 45 colt at 1.70″ expansion.

    And if you’re worried about the criminal element shooting at you from behind car doors, block walls and other typical areas of cover, there’s the Xtreme Penetrator round, which also uses a FTM projectile designed for blowing through all common building materials and sheet metals, penetrating 30″ with about half the wound cavity diameter as the Xtreme Defense rounds.

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