Remember how in less than two weeks after the Christchurch Mosque shooting, the government of New Zealand ended their citizens’ gun rights privileges.

Well, Oceania was always at war with Eastasia.

Schoolboy in custody on Christchurch terror video charge

A Christchurch schoolboy arrested for allegedly distributing objectionable material from the mosque terror attacks has been kept in custody for another month.

The teenager, who cannot be named because of legal reasons, first appeared in the Youth Court in Christchurch last Thursday.

He was refused bail and was remanded in custody.

The Herald understands police were alerted after concerns about his behaviour.

The boy’s school cannot be named and his principal declined to comment, referring inquiries to police.

Police also refused to comment.

Today, the boy’s lawyer, Moana Cole, applied for the teen to be released on electronically monitored (EM) bail.

However, Judge Stephen O’Driscoll refused the application.

Discussions in court today were also suppressed by the judge, along with his reasons for declining bail.

The boy was remanded in custody to come back to court on May 7.

He waved to family members who were in court today before he was taken back into custody.

There have been other unrelated cases before the courts since the Christchurch terror attacks.

Christchurch businessman Philip Neville Arps, 44, appeared in court last week on charges of distributing footage of one of the mosque shootings.

Arps, who runs an insulation business, faces two charges of distributing the livestream “of the multiple murder victims at the Deans Ave Mosque”.

The Chief Censor’s office has classified the shooter’s live stream and so-called manifesto as objectionable under the Films, Video and Publications Classifications Act. The charges have a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

Arps was declined bail and remanded in custody until his next appearance on April 15.


A school kid and a business man have both been arrested and denied bail for having a copy of a video.

They were denied bail.  Let that sink in.  New Zealand now treats people who have the Mosque shooter’s video or manifesto WORSE than suspected rapists and murderers.

It is better for you kill someone in New Zealand than to watch a video of some whack-job killing other people.

New Zealand in not alone.  Australia is rushing to not be left behind in the tyrannical takeover of the southern commonwealths.

Australia To Criminalize Failure To Remove Violent Content From Internet Platforms

Australia’s parliament has passed new legislation to criminalize Internet platforms for failing to remove violent videos and audio, after an Australian gunman livestreamed himself shooting worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Under the new legislation, social media executives — among other online content or hosting providers — could be imprisoned for up to three years and companies could face penalties of up to 10 percent of their annual revenue if they do not remove violent content in an “expeditious” manner.

“The horror of that act was brought to the world in real time and the platforms that were used to connect with the world were turned against us to amplify the shooter’s message of hate and intolerance,” Porter told the parliament on Thursday, according to transcripts.

Porter said the legislation is intended to make companies take responsibility for the spread of video or audio of “abhorrent violent conduct” — defined as terrorism, murder, attempted murder, torture, rape and kidnapping.

Scott Farquhar, CEO of Sydney-based software company Atlassian, said the bill would make any person working at a company that allows uploads of videos or images “guilty until proven innocent.”

“They need to violate users’ privacy to police this,” he wrote on Twitter.

The legislation would apply to material from content or hosting services provided outside of Australia if that material is reasonably accessible within Australia.

The bill also requires companies to notify Australian Federal Police “within a reasonable time after becoming aware of the existence” of video or audio of violent conduct occurring within Australia.

Australia wants social media and video hosing sites to monitor and censor the internet in real time or Australia will send their executives to prison and bankrupt the companies.

Here is a fun fact: There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute.

That is just YouTube.

Exactly how are companies supposed to monitor the content of every video uploaded online across multiple sites across the internet in an expeditious enough way to satisfy the Australian government?

The boot is stamping hard in the face in Australia and New Zealand, and the Left in America is hailing them as the champions of doing something.

First you are going to turn in your guns, then you are going to go to jail for sharing a video cut making fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “They come for you in the land down under”
  1. This is the norm around the world. The Kiwis may be a bit more blatant about it, but you have no more legally protected free speech in Europe, either.

  2. We only have free speech because we have a right to bear arms. Once RKBA goes, the rest of your rights follow.

  3. On that (RKBA) note, a friend of mine, another old street medic, ran into a financial rough spot. One bill collector was several standard deviation s more jackwagonish than the norm, finishing his threatening, abusive spiel with, “So, you think I cannot find you?”

    My buddy paused a moment, and replied, ” I think that, if your luck is exceedingly bad, you just might find me. Pray that you do not. Have a nice day.. “

    1. I had heard before that some bill collectors were hiring guys that outright threatened violence. Saying they (the bill collector) had their address and would pay a visit, etc.

  4. Honest question….couldn’t the tech companies simply shut down access to their sites to Australian internet users? Let them go back to 1998? Then we would see that piece of legislation go away or get seriously amended.

  5. A pity, I always have wanted to visit the lands of Lord Humungus and the hobbits, but both seem to be rapidly descending into Orwellian dystopias. I’ll pass.

  6. Well, hopefully, both land masses are swallowed by the ocean. If not….
    The PRC Military will do

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