They don’t want confiscation….right.

I love these two jewels.

Besides the idiocy of buying back what they never owned, ho are they going to pay for it? Solution has been found!!

The size of grapefruits, I tell you. Pity that what’s supposed to go in the cranial vault is the size of a lemon on a good day.

The word of the day dear Confiscation Boys and Confiscation Girls is COMPLIANCE which is defined as something gun owners will not do.

3 Replies to “They don’t want confiscation….right.”

  1. Progtard Tony: “Nah. I know what I want, thank you. Buy back & incinerate every civilian firearm. Every single one.”

    Welp, Tony-ton, here’s what I want: I want every commie, fascist, liberal douchebag that constantly violates the US constitution & the rights of others to be deported to Venezuela permanently. Every single one.

    This has as much likelihood of happening as the other. 😉

  2. I will not comply.

    Also, Tony & Robyn, if you push me hard enough, I might shoot back. How is that going to work out for your cause when you run out of jack-booted thug enforcers?

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