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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “They have technicals in Minneapolis now”
  1. The blissful ignorance of the videographer is shocking; he seemed surprised that someone might feel the need to returned fire with a handgun.

  2. Felt like I was watching a blend of Star Wars and Robocop.
    And yes, I can certainly understand someone choosing to return fire. Fireworks are incendiary and can have an explosive payload; so I’d say they could be considered use of deadly force when directed at an an individual, or intent to perform arson when directed at a building or vehicle.

  3. When you import Mogadishu, don’t be surprised when you get someone who thinks he’s one of Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s foot soldiers.

  4. The Minneapolis Police did do something for this weekend. They closed Portland at 2nd with Jersey Barriers and ROAD CLOSED signs. There have also been impromptu street races in the area too. The residents are pretty pissed off because this is an every #@%&! weekend issue.

    The local news also published the fact that MPD is down to 546 officers, well below the 731 officers required by the city charter and current population. It is also 300 officers below the pre-George Floyd police staffing.

    The state and local Democrats pushed the PANIC! button and are bringing in State Highway Patrol. They have not had to have the Staties to patrol Minneapolis since the worst days of the crack wars in Murder-apolis.

    The Minneapolis Park Police Board made up with the City of Minneapolis last month; and agreed that the MPD is not a bunch of racist homophobic dirtbags. Mostly because after two years of COVID they need the racist dirtbag homophobes in the MPD to back them up at Minneapolis Park Summer Events like “Pride” this year. On the other hand? The people investigating the Minneapolis Police Department after St. George Floyd was martyred came out with an official report saying the MPD is officially a racist dirtbag police department and changes must be made.

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