Avery Edison is a transwoman comedian who is so painfully unfunny that it is a crime against humanity.  He makes money by writing about being a victim for ultra Left wing magazines.

It is clear that he is the kind of Leftist that hates capitalism because he fails terribly at providing a good or service that other people want.

Rather than accept that he sucks as a person and nobody wants to give him money for doing what he does, the system is bad.  That is an amazing level of arrogance.  Based upon the picture in the Tweet above his head, he’s lazy as fuck, too.

First of all, his philosophy is wrong.  The idea of dignity and virtue in work was talked about by Aristotle.  It is part of the Talmud.  The who point of making the Sabbath holy is that it is a time to take a break from work.  Without work there is no Sabbath, and the Sabbath stops being holy.  In the Unites States, this has become known as the Protestant Work Ethic but it is much older than that.

This is seen at with even the most cursory observation of society.  Where people are the happiest is the middle class, where a person’s income is a direct result of their labor.  People in the middle class generally take care of their homes and property, taking pride in what they earned.

The poor who live off welfare are generally miserable, living in areas of high crime and drug/alcohol use.

If free money made people happy, people on welfare would be in paradise and the middle class would be terrible.

But the obvious question is: if nobody has to work, who will grow the food, generate the electricity, make the stuff, treat the sick/injured, do the things that make society function?  Once everything is used up (in about a week), won’t we just collapse?

He says no, and goes on to justify his shitty opinion.

Really?  So where are these part time machinists or miners or construction workers?  Where is the surplus of all the people with highly specialized skills like doctors or engineers?

How many people will die if the guy who operates the power plant or performs heart surgery decided that he only wants to work a couple hours a week?

Society is not going to function if we all go out and tend a garden for a few hours at a time.  The logistics of this are impossible.

But he doesn’t think that far.  He’s a a lazy shit who has no appreciable skills or self esteem, and wants people to take care of him.  Saying that out loud makes him seem selfish, so he spreads that around.  It’s not him it’s everyone that benefits.

With just a dash of philosophical horse shit, his indolence and envy are transubstantiated into altruism.

He thinks this sounds great because he hasn’t thought about this realistically for more than 10 seconds.

Avery may be English, but the core constituency of Democrat rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just like Bernie before her, is this exact kind of person.

This is what we are up against.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “They never think about it any further than this..”
  1. “He thinks this sounds great because he hasn’t thought about this realistically for more than 10 seconds.”

    Possibly. But then that also supposes said attention span is longer than that.

  2. Utter leisure is really really bad for people. People who don’t have to physically labor usually have to do simulated hard labor to keep from becoming an unhealthy mess. That’s why the fitness industry is so huge.

    It’s also mentally bad- people have a psychological need to do and accomplish things. Even if it’s just clocking out at 5pm on Friday, one still gets a good bit of satisfaction, and the work week makes the free time all that much more wonderful. A two week vacation is wonderful; a three week vacation is super boring and tedious.

    Note that people who have tons of leisure time will inevitably turn to drugs and alcohol.

  3. How about living your life on a beautiful tropic island? Yes, we will fly you to an island somewhere in the Pacific, where there are plenty of things to eat, if you hunt and fish for them, and fruits and vegetables, if you learn how to cultivate them. Oh, and, you will have no supplies or tools, so get creative! You will have to build a shelter, of course. What can you take with you? Why, nothing! It’s just you in your birthday suit, communing with Nature! It will be lovely! We’ll come back in 5 years and see how you are getting along. Bye!

  4. Of course. They’re super special snowflakes and artistic and special and stuff. Everyone else is a clod who probably has badthink and stuff, and it’s OK to make them slave and work for the special ones.

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