This is not to say that teachers would take to using their weapons to discipline black and brown children. But there is precedent for physical escalation in confrontations between young people of color and armed authorities. What happens in confrontations between teachers and students when guns are added to that mix? How would students of color fare in armed and fortified schools, where at least some teachers are on the lookout for potential shooters?
Arming Teachers Would Endanger Students of Color – Slate.

But of course we are going to recycle all the old Concealed Carry and Campus Carry excuses while adding a dash of Race Card and use them against Teacher Carry.

So according to Slate, only White teachers will carry concealed in school and will target kids that misbehave who are exclusively minorities, white kids do not do stupid shit in school.

Translation: Slate Magazine thinks  Black and Latino teachers are too dumb to carry guns and Black and Latino students are the only ones creating problems in school.




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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “They really hate the idea of arming Teachers.”
  1. “But there is precedent for physical escalation in confrontations between young people of color and armed authorities.”

    As if a “Student of Color” complaining to a teacher about a bad grade would cause the teacher to throw down the the poor innocent, skittles loving, student.

    The real escalation in confrontations is that the student(s) pull a knife or other weapon (gasp a gun?) and assaults the teacher. Often this assault is triggered by the teacher interrupting a unlicensed pharmacist selling his wares. The above scenario was a major reason why School Resource Officers became fixtures in American schools.

  2. If we arm teachers the left loses their number 1 argument for banning guns, to protect our childred…this morning on our local talk radio they were talking about gun free zones in restaurants. This “liberal” thats on the show says ” i like to enjoy my hamburger knowing im not gonna be in a shoot out” . No , but you could wind up DEAD.. Lubbys cafe style.. idiot

  3. SSDD. EVERY expansion of gun rights came with a “blood in the streets” warning. And they were wrong. Every. Single. Time.

    There is nothing needed under Federal law to do this; States can implement this now if they wish to do so. No district should be forced to do so, and no teacher forced to do so. There are some basic principles which should apply, and frankly, they are so stone simple that the readers here can figure them out fairly quickly. There need not be any extra pay; simply let teachers who are otherwise qualified and licensed carry – concealed and on their person – in schools.

    And make it known: “Carry permitted by staff here.” However, do not make public the numbers who carry, or the names of those staff members.

    After reading the Slate article, this struck me: if you really believe that this is the state of public education in America, how could you send your children there? How can you continue to shovel money into this rat hole?

  4. The funny thing is if WE question education the libs scream their buzz words at us til we shut up. Now when liberals are critical of education thats ok.

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