We have different definitions of democracy.

Our candidate won because their candidate sucked.

As the victor, ours got to pick the SCOTUS Justices.

Our Justices made a decision based on their interpretation they didn’t like.

That’s our system.

Like any child who is losing, he wants to change the rules then have a tantrum.

Rather than convince his side to work on a moderate law that that will be a point of compromise between the moderate Right and moderate Left (78% of Americans support some sort of legalized abortion with restrictions), he’s gonna burn it all down because he didn’t get his way.

They want to fuck around, I hope they find out hard.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “They really want to f*ck around”
  1. Funny. When parents spoke out at school board meetings, they were called domestic terrorists.

    Care to guess what this guy will be called?

  2. Our republic is specifically set up to help restrain the tyrrany of the majority.
    Sometimes this means decisions and actions that aren’t popular, must be adopted; and popular opinion cannot be allowed to trample on rights of those in the minority.
    These people have no idea what they are really asking for.

  3. They want to fuck around, I hope they find out hard.

    Are you advocating violence in return?

  4. I wonder if he understands what would happen to gay rights under an actual democratic system?

    1. Like the obvious lbgt “girl” I saw with a che tshirt… wasnt che one of the ones throwing gays off roofs?? “Tolerance “, they should look it up…

  5. First off, I REALLY wish people would stop calling America a “democracy”. Its a REPUBLIC. Liberal wackos only like violence when they dont get thier way. Meanwhile all us maga “terrorists “ live our lives tryin to avoid violence… Irony, you cant make it up…

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