We must ban the guns says the leader of the party that unleashed violent, murderous mobs on American citizens to win an election and let convinced criminals out of prison because of a cough.

The fastest growing demographics of gun owners are women and minorities in urban areas who have come under siege from criminals due to COVID and Social Justice bail reform policies that let criminals go free.

Gun control will not reduce crime.

It will hinder these new demographics of fire time gun owners from buying effective tools of self defense.

Leftist, as part of their dimmer switch of violence, understand how crime and criminals can be used as effective tools of political coercion and enforcement.

Armed citizens cannot be allowed to defend themselves from criminals or the political use of criminals is voided, so the obvious solution is to disarm the law abiding citizens, not re-arrest the criminals.

Again, this is about inflicting pain on the people for trying to lives lives of self reliance.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “They want to protect the criminals from you”
    1. Yes he is going to do that as soon as his handlers can write up what they want him to say and able to put it on the teleprompter. Understand that this was a Glock 9mm Pistol with a mega magazine that held 33 rounds of 9mm. As for those Ghost Guns that do not have a serial # there are n9ot that many of them and because of the parts they contain they can usually find out who built the firearm. BTW, it has NOTHING to do with the serial # being filed off. That is a crime already and with the proper materials we can bring the serial number back up so that it is readable.

  1. What do you need a 30 round magazine for?
    How cares how many rounds I can carry, as long as I do not use them in an illegal or irresponsible manner?
    Here is a pro tip. If you actually address the root cause of the problem (criminals), you will find an effective solution.
    Then again, this has nothing to do with reducing crime. It has everything to do with stopping the population from having the tools needed to control an out of control government.

    1. “The media insist that crime is the major concern of the American public today. In this connection they generally push the point that a disarmed society would be a crime-free society. They will not accept the truth that if you take all the guns off the street you still will have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.” — Col. Jeff Cooper [emphasis mine]

      In the past I would give the benefit of doubt and lump Leftist pols in with “the media” here.

      Nowadays, with all available evidence and the “guns vs. crime” numbers examined from every direction by actual studies (SCIENCE!), and every objective conclusion being that “gun control” DOES NOT reduce crime — at best, there’s no effect, and at worst, disarming victims emboldens criminals and increases crime — they must have some other motive besides “reducing crime”. The most logical conclusion is that they mean to disarm America’s citizenry and turn us into helpless subjects.

      And further, the only reason to disarm America’s citizenry is to remove our ability to resist the government. The question then becomes: What do they have planned for us that they would expect us to resist, and so they first need to remove our ability to do so?

  2. And they’re padding the numbers on “ghost guns”, too. (I know. This is my shocked face.)

    Read though the DOJ “memo”, and you find the claim that they’re able to trace less than 1% of ghost guns or suspected ghost guns.

    What a “ghost gun” is, is pretty obvious, but what is a “suspected ghost gun”?

    It’s a gun that has no serial number.

    That definition includes a normal, commercially-sold gun that had a serial number, that the criminal has filed off.

    Given that criminals have filed serial numbers off for generations, that’s a LOT of “suspected ghost guns”. Probably several orders of magnitude more than ACTUAL “ghost guns” recovered.

    But by conflating these two groups, the administration can make “ghost guns” sound like a huge criminal problem, when in reality it’s mostly what it’s always been: a relative handful of enthusiasts legally building their own guns for their own legal use.

    On that note, Biden also claims that no paper trail or background check have to happen if a criminal “ghost gun” builder sells his gun at a pawn broker, and so we must outlaw all “ghost guns”. Never mind that that would be 100% illegal, no respectable pawn broker would accept such a sale, and they present no evidence it has ever happened. It’s all pearl-clutching conjecture about what could happen, and we’re going to make hundreds of thousands of peaceable gun enthusiasts into criminals overnight because of it.

    It’s almost like curbing the tiny number of criminal uses isn’t their real goal, and what they really want is to outlaw unserialized (read: non-registerable) firearms. Or something.

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