I shudder to think what I would have done

I am trying to figure out if there was something in that photo (other than guns) that would make the author so aggressive.  The body language of the bikers is not aggressive but rather friendly: a wave and a thumbs up.

The verdict? There are people out there that just hate you and want to see you dead because of your gun ownership. It is the same hate that once was directed to Blacks, to Latinos, to Irishmen and lately to Jews, but the difference is that the hated people in the pic can do something about their hate if they decide to press the issue and exert violence.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “They Want You Dead: OC In Colorado”
  1. I went to this person’s Twitter account.

    She is a raving lunatic. Every Tweet is debunked Trump or McConnell conspiracy theory.

    This poor woman lives a live of nothing but partisan hate.

  2. It’s possible he’s pissed that the bikers lane split, or rode side by in the same lane, or something else bikes are typically allowed to do but cars are too big for.
    While I don’t care, so long as the bikers are being safe, I have seen others lose their absolute minds with rage at motorcycles for “disrespecting” other traffic – even when the bikers were being nothing but cautious and careful.
    Adding in the fact the bikers are armed… This is nothing but conjecture, but I wonder if he started road raging verbally and via the horn at them, and the turn, smile, and wave was their natural response to an irrational driver. Then he saw their guns, realized that at this point he would already have killed someone but they’re just waving, and is even madder that they have more self control than he does, so of course he has to criticize them as Billy Bad-Asses instead to protect himself.
    Absolute conjecture, and to assume that scenario applies to this particular person could be slanderous… But I’ve known folks for whom such road rage and “reasoning” were normal, and who got mortally offended when others blew them off and ignored them instead of kowtowing to their obvious greatness. Folks who would have shot those bikers, and who would have been outraged that the bikers had the ability to shoot back.

    1. Bingo. Author wouldn’t have done anything cuz she’s a coward. Hence the big words behind the keyboard.

  3. You ever watch any of the cop shows, where they have the suspect in the interrogation room at the end. And, the suspect says something like “They embarrassed me…” or some other BS. Like being embarrassed justifies their actions, and the cops will just let them go?

    That’s exactly the thought that went through my mind reading “…I shudder to think….” What like they were going to run the bikers off the road or something? And, I am sure, that when arrested for that violent act, they would be surprised to find out that “…I effen HATE guns….” does not excuse assault with a deadly weapon.

    1. In response to the last part of your comment it will be perfectly legal for Them to run over gun owners. After all by 2028 when the Democrats are permanently in power and because of immigration do not have to worry about any of The things they propose making them lose that power they will pass legislation that all gun ownership is illegal and gun owners must be all exterminated immediately without trial. So if a mass shooting happens and someone with a gun stops the mass shooting the police must immediately execute the person that stopped the mass shooting. Such is the mind of a leftist. That church shooting where the shooter was stopped by another person with a gun? The far left wanted that person to not have a gun to make the body count higher. Why? They have more blood to dance on. Because all they care about power and the more bodies the better if it gets them more power. I Don’t know if there is a proper name for that kind of mental illness.

  4. If the twitterer ever hits a motorcyclist or a gun owner with a car, I hope this tweet is found by the prosecution (civil, criminal or both) and he/she/xe burns for it.

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