Remember how it was Right-Wing Violence™ when some insane pervert hit Paul Pelosi with a hammer?

Well it’s all fun and games when someone chucks a beer at Senator Ted Cruz.


Go into the replies and there are lots of people celebrating this and a few wishing it had been worse for Cruz.

It’s all fun and games until people decide turnabout is fair play, then the shit will hit the fan.

The people who are trying to normalize political violence against “fascists” are not going to like it when we accurately identify them as fascists and normalize political violence against them.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “They will hate it when they rules they create get used against them”
  1. “No fair no fair, he hit me back first!”
    And it goes right to the highest levels of our government. Think of recent history in the Senate re rule changes. Instituted by the Dems, they never believed it would come back to haunt them. Hello Trump, hello lots of judicial appointments the Dems could no longer block.
    You’d have thought they’d have learned; but look at all the campaigning for removing the filibuster.

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