A lot of people are suddenly going to learn that the money they got from Biden was just their tax return and now that big tax return they were expecting is much smaller.

Some might even have to pay some back of their income fell and they got more advanced tax credit than they were owed.

Biden’s poll number are going to drop as these people who didn’t read the fine print figure out how they got suckered.

So the Biden administration is going to have to do something to distract from this disaster.

I guess were going to war with Russia.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Things are about to get worse…”
  1. In a functional society, the news media would have properly informed the voters of this when the White House announced the policy. Oh, sure, there would have been some low-information non-voters who’d have been surprised by it due to their own choice not to pay any attention to the news… But what we are seeing here are a lot of people who do try to be actively engaged, but we’re hoodwinked by a compliant corporate media who eagerly carried water for the Inner Party and helped spin the messaging for them.

  2. I got a several hundred dollars less than last year despite only making a little less because I was unemployed for 2-1/2 weeks between jobs when I quit and was waiting for my new one to start.

    my Biden loving, watching MSNBC 8 to 20 hours a day mother is gonna get hit even harder. She does not psychologically comprehend this. She’s going to blame Trump because that’s what MSNBC tells her to do.

  3. What’s the over-under that Putin is invading Ukraine and air-striking residential buildings and children’s hospitals at least in part as a coordinated distraction to provide cover for his pal Gropey Joe and his struggling administration?

    It sounds crazy, but after the past two years of “conspiracy theories” being confirmed in whole or in part, this is hardly the most outrageous or ridiculous

  4. I never get a refund. I pay and pay and pay some more, and when April comes around I write a giant check, too.
    The good news is that I will never have to worry about a delayed refund when the IRS runs in to a cash shortage.

    1. Same here. If you’re getting a refund, you didn’t set your exemptions correctly. You can owe money every year without penalty, just make sure the underpayment isn’t more than the penalty free limit.
      If you’re getting a refund, that means you gave the government an interest free loan of your money. Why would you do that?

  5. Her complaining that it’s really her money is almost as funny as her not realizing the entire refund she was looking forward to was all her money in the first place. She gave Uncle Fed an interest free loan and gets all excited they’re paying it back.

    As Bugs Bunny used to say, “what a maroon.” The problem is there’s far too many more out there.

  6. Advance refund credits were calculated based on the year prior… So anyone who files claiming one fewer kid than before owes thousands back that they couldn’t claim credit for.

    A very common scenario for divorced parents who share custody.

  7. I’m hoping the Oregon Democratic Party succumbs to the temptation of seizing the $1.9 billion “kicker” that has,to go back to the taxpayers when there’s a budget surplus.
    While losing the tax credit hurts it would be worth it if hordes of angry Portlanders voted out the Dems in November, unfortunately they’re not that stupid, the kicker and no sales tax are sacred cows.

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