This fucking pic:


A terrorist militia made up of guys who pray and spray with AKs because Inshallah! Getting their hands on a bunch of Remington M24s.

The biggest disappointment is that the Democrats call me a terrorist for being Trump supporyer but I’ve never gotten my hands on a free surplus M24 because of it.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Things that destroy my soul”
  1. So, we Left guns FOR the people we have been fighting…
    That’s scorching the bearings on my gyro..

  2. I hope some salty dog rifleman’s rifleman filed down the pin on those kit and/or left behind some special LR118 with hardened steel primers instead of cup n anvil…

  3. Hhhhhmmmm. The sane part of me, having been in the military, says no way we would leave firearms behind. But these days of “rainbow” military, I wouldnt be surprised….

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