So the weight of the Department of Education is going to be brought against Florida schools so teachers can talk to kindergarten and elementary school children about sex and gender.

Consider that there are countless photos of Joe Biden being inappropriately handsy with children.

There are rumors that Hunter’s laptop contained kiddie porn.

Secretary Buttigieg’s husband is a groomer teacher and camp counselor.

Then there was Biden’s SCOTUS nominee who is soft on pedophiles during sentencing and defended her position in her confirmation hearing.

This really is an insane situation where a Governor with overwhelming support in a desire to protect the innocence of young children is being assailed by the highest powers in the land who want to be able to talk to elementary school children about sex.

But don’t you dare say we are run by a cabal of pedophiles, that’s a conspiracy theory.

The War on child grooming and the ruining of childhood innocence under the banner of LGBT+ rights is the culture war of the era.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This Administration is going to go to war with DeSantis over grooming children”
  1. This is good news. The Republicans need to use this as a wedge issue. Make sure that moms know that Democrats are the party that wants trannies reading stories to their kids while their balls are hanging out of their miniskirts so they can convince their sons to cut off their balls and their 10 year old girls to seek mastectomies, all while keeping it a secret from parents.

    Turn Suzie Soccermom into an enemy of the Democrat party. Most moms are very protective of their children, and this will poison the suburban mom voting block for the Dems.

  2. There was a website that posted a couple of pics a week or so ago, supposedly from the infamous laptop. I won’t go so far as to call them child porn, but I will say that the adult looked a lot like Joe Jr. And the child was not clothed as befitted the age she looked. The website host shut them down for TOS violation. Some other site somehow reposted the story and the pics, but I don’t recall either of them, and I don’t want to. I realize the tech is available to deepfake stuff like that, but I believe Joe Jr., and Joetato are capable of ANYTHING.

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