This is a disgusting, groveling act of self-debasement in front of an organization that has the current member states of Cuba, Venezuela, China, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan.

The UN Human Rights Council is a notoriously anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist organization that exists in the modern form to allow the world’s worst human rights violators to cover for their crimes and be granted legitimacy.

So what does Biden do?

He appoints an ambassador to the UNHRC that feels the need to remind everyone that four generations and 156 years ago, her ancestors were slaves.

There is slavering going on in several UNHRC member states right now, including China, Libya, and the Ivory Coast.  Libya has open-air slave markets today.

Nothing positive was achieved by this.

All this did was undermine the standing of America in the eyes of the world and reduce our legitimacy in dealing with human rights abuses.

Which is exactly the point.  This is an extension of the Obama Doctrine to bring about a “post-American” world.

The Biden Administration seeks to cut us down in every possible way and this obscenity was another example of that.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This administration shows its contempt for America in every possible way”
  1. It’s worse than just a crazy reference to long-ago politics. (Not quite so long ago where Democrats are concerned, of course.)
    The “woven into the founding documents” is a restatement of the NYT Big Lie, a.k.a., the “1619 project”. That big lie was bad enough when it was “merely” NY Pravda propaganda, but apparently now it is official government policy.

  2. This is not about equality, it is about lowering standards.

    Claiming that white supremacy is woven into the nation’s founding documents is ridiculous. What is in the founding documents? All men are created equal. Does not sound “supremacist” to me.

    On the other hand, if you are too F-ing lazy to earn what you want, claiming that racism is keeping you down is an easy way to get it. Why do you think math is racist? Why do you think logic and reason are racist? Emotions and quick answers are all that is needed, and if you disagree, you are a racist.

    1. It’s even worse than that. The slanders against Jefferson completely ignore the easy to observe fact that he explicitly denounced slavery in his own writing.

      If you’ve never seen it, find Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence. Some of the differences are just polish (like the closing words). Some are more substantial and unfortunate changes in the final text (like “life, liberty and property” changing into the fancy sounding but vague “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”). But one of the biggest changes is that the draft has in the list of grievances against King George a very clear and explicit denunciation of slavery (supported by the King), and that was simply cut out in the final text. No great surprise that it was given the politics of the day, but seeing it in the draft tells you something important about Jefferson that everyone should know.

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