I saw this video of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking at a MLK event.

First of all, exactly how is a system that “allows” billionaires to happen immoral.

Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft.  A company that changed how the world did business by mainstreaming the graphic user interface.  Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world’s largest online retailer.  Sam Walton was the founder of the world’s largest physical location retailer.  Steve Jobs changed the trajectory of personal electronics.  These men built companies that influenced the planet and did billions of dollars a year in business.  That their customer base is so large and so influential, it was possible for them to earn that much money.

So what does she propose?  Confiscatory tax rates that prevent people like that from ever earning a billion dollars?  Preventing founders from having ownership of enough stock in their companies to have a billion in assets?  Or does she just want to limit the size of companies so that no business is able to get that large in the first place?

I’m not sure where she wants to inject goverment into that equation to make it moral, but the end result is someone is getting coerced by goverment and is having their wealth taken.

But really, she’s just saying the same thoughtless thing so many people before her have said.  It’s a socialist platitude.

What really pissed me off was the thing about ringworm in Alabama.

First of all, ringworm is the same fungus as athletes food and is exceptionally common.  It’s not really related to bad hygiene.  It means you took a shower at the gym in the same stall as someone else that had it.  I don’t know what she’s confusing ringworm with but I think she thinks it’s a worm.

Moreover, since she’s clearly never been to Alabama, she’s throwing this out there with nothing but the New York prejudice that we are some backwater yokel fuck-off state.

Well fuck her sideways with a cactus.

She’s from the city where the mayor has turned the public parks into open air sewers where homeless shit and shoot up heroin.

Where the units under the control of the New York City Housing Authority are such disgusting slums that the people who live in them throw dirty diapers and garbage out of the windows onto the streets below.

She’s from the city where vagrants wash their asses in public water fountains and bathe in famous landmark fountains.

She just felt like picking on a state and being a typical New Yorker decided to select something from the deep south.

On behalf of the State of Alabama, fuck you Congresswoman.  We don’t want your pity.  Maybe next time you are in the Bronx, deal with the drug addict high on opiates, shitting in a playground sandbox, mumbling to himself before you open your stupid mouth about us.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This b**ch needs to leave Alabama alone”
  1. Suppose, she met Bezos, and a movie magic “bing” happened, and they had a whirlwind romance, and got married.
    “So, what’s so bad about billionaires? Did I say that?”
    Only envious poor people, idealists, imbeciles, and oligarchs think that socialism is a good thing.

    1. She’ll still say it’s totally immoral, but since Soros donates so much money to Leftist causes, he’s a good guy because he bought himself indulgences.

      They always figure out how to carve out an exemption for themselves.

      Bullying is bad, except when you kick the shit out of some teenager in a MAGA hat, because he’s a Nazi and he real bully. Like that.

  2. This is nothing more than “bumper sticker politics.”

    Quick little snippets that sound good, but really have no substance. This woman’s entire rise to fame is nothing more than sound bites. Every time, and I am serious about this, every time she has to defend one of her positions, she fails. And, she fails because she is all surface, no substance. Pretty much like every other socialist out there.

  3. Elrushbo was talking about her today, playing her sound bites. What a moron this idiot is. Hard to find the words to make sense. Wait til SHE gets a taste of real money. Rush says the media will take her out soon. The pelosi ites in power dont like her. Meanwhile just F in LAUGH

  4. What’s immoral is a socialist government disproportionately stealing my wealth to give to undeserving parasites for votes.

    She is both a bitch and a socialist whore.

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