Let me be perfectly blunt.

Do these people think Americans are stupid?

Do they think we’ll fight fair and shoot at their tanks and airplanes with our AR-15s while they mow us down?

I guess they must.

I promise you that won’t happen.

I will tell you what will happen.

The families of every military officer and bureaucrat who orders or flies a sortie will be on the menu.

Reprisals will be personal and cruel.

What do you think the morale will be for fighter pilot Bob when 24 hours prior fighter pilot Steve got done bombing some guy’s house in Iowa to find out his wife and kids were burned alive when his house was set on fire in retaliation?

Why shoot at a plane when you can shoot the airmen guarding the refueling depot, maintenance warehouse, or ordnance warehouse and burn or steal the fuel and sabotage or steal the replacement parts and weapons?

Same for the Tanks.

Remember that our strategy during WWII and the Cold War was to go through the front wave of tanks and kill the soft targets of refueling units and ammo supply lines.

Planes and tanks without fuel, ammo, spare parts, and willing drivers or pilots are just paperweights.

Do they not think we won’t adopt the same tactics?

They have never fought an insurgency war when the insurgents are their neighbors.

If you needed a reason not to fight America civilians with the US military, it’s not because we’ll be shooting at their tanks with our ARs.

It’s because they don’t have the ability to protect their military infrastructure and all the family members of the people on their side willing to fight or support their war efforts against American citizens.

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By J. Kb

26 thoughts on “This bullshit argument again?”
  1. Do these people think Americans are stupid?
    I realize this was probably a rhetorical question, but, yes, they do. “Deplorable.” “Hick.” “Flyover country.” The list goes on, and it makes it abundantly clear what the self-appointed elites think of the average conservative, especially the gun owners.

  2. This comes up so often that it’s become clear (a) the people making this argument are not just stupid in general, but in particular are ignorant about all things military, and (b) the scenario they are describing isn’t just one they imagine as possible, but view as desirable.

    1. Assuming the State is willing to kill thousands, if not millions, of its own people who are not involved; as well as poison its air, soil, and water.

      1. History suggests that, especially for totalitarian / communist governments, this is a good assumption to make.
        The only thing “wrong” with nukes, in that context, is the massive damage to and contamination of infrastructure and land. That could be a deterrent to use.

        1. Our Grand and Enlightened Overlords are unclear on such concepts as “infrastructure” and “farmland”; everything involved in the production and distribution of goods is magic to them – and evil magic, at that, best replaced by the good magic of the Green Leap Backward.
          Yes, they use the word “infrastructure” – but purely as a buzzword, unconnected to the concept it ordinarily represents.
          … Here I am, gradually learning about stuff like soil types, terrain, growing seasons, the true importance of fallow years, and all those other complications between “put seeds in the ground” and “food happens” (as well as lots of stuff that has to happen before the seeds go in the ground).

            1. Ayup. And, more recently, some urban politician opined that farming was easy and didn’t require any knowledge, intelligence, etc. – pure hubris, especially with regard to farming as a business.
              The “farming” effort in the Capitol Hill Unpoliced District was a glorious example of not only not knowing what they didn’t know, but of being blissfully unaware that there even was anything to know. At least I started out partially aware of my vast areas of ignorance, and with some idea of what questions to ask. (I see bags of chicken fertilizer in stores, but do I plant the chickens head up or head down?)
              (Look how many people thought Rumsfeld’s remark about “unknown unknowns” was either gibberish or totally cosmic. Anyone with a technical background, or presumably with any sort of classical education, would recognize it as a simple statement of the beginning of wisdom, and something they personally had learned early in life.)

        2. Communist governments don’t mind killing people, particularly their own subjects. They also don’t mind polluting. None of these things are a problem at all, unless they interfere with the well being of the nomenklatura or with the privileged few who sustain the dictatorship.

  3. These guys also always – always – assume that the United States military will be perfectly willing to turn on America’s civilian population, en masse and without any defections, insurrections, or even any loss of efficiency.

    Maybe some of the top brass at the Pentagon would be in support of it. Maybe some lower enlisted who are just genuinely confused by the situation and just do what they think they’re supposed to be doing… But, honestly, I don’t think that’s likely to last long.

    The moment an Air Force F-15 drops a cluster bomb on Houston or a Navy Frigate launches a guided missile into Tallahassee in order punish someone red state Governor for “insurrection” is the moment you see the overwhelming majority of our armed forces “defect.”

  4. “They have never fought an insurgency war when the insurgents are their neighbors.”
    They have never fought anything riskier than a twitter argument. The concept that American patriots would follow some stupid rules of engagement when their families are the target is laughable.
    Don’t these people realize that Afghanistan took 20 years to lose? That the middle easterners were fighting for things that matter to them more than their lives?
    If they really think the average gun guy is going to try to stop a tank with an AR pattern firearm, they are just not thinking.

    1. “They have never fought anything riskier than a twitter argument.”

      ^^ This…lol, right on.

  5. They learned weapon systems from Hollywood where there are never supplies or fuel or even human support needed….unless it’s pivotal to the plot.

  6. The war in Ukraine should have made them wake up. It didn’t.

    There are hard problems in waging war. The military is well aware of some of the hard problems. The issue in most of our recent wars has been a will to win. In general, the US wins, the democrats then surrender.

    Case in point, while the withdrawal from Vietnam was horrific, we had won that war. We left with the South Vietnamese in a winning position with the troops, equipment and will to keep their country.

    Part of our withdrawal included a promise from the US to South Vietnam that we would replace material consumed or lost as they fought the north. The first push by the north into South Vietnam was a disaster for the north. The south then called on the US to fulfill our promise. The dems in power refused.

    Without resupply, the south fell shortly thereafter.

    The left firmly believes that a war on US citizens will be fought with a will that was not present in any of the places in the recent past where we have “lost”. They believe that it will be all out war. That our military will decide to use methods and tactics that they haven’t been able or willing to use on our sworn enemies.

    So they are starting from a view point that is flawed. That the US military will wage all out war on US citizens over political opinions.

    They believe that the vast majority of the US military will follow unlawful orders. Yes, we saw the National Guard called out to guard DC, but were those men willing and able to fire on peaceful protesters?

    If it comes to that, how many would have joined those protesters?

    Waco happened in a media vacuum compared to today. We knew it was happening but it was just another war on the TV. How many people could actually have located that compound, gotten there in time and had a group with them?

    Ruby Ridge happened in a media vacuum. We only learned about it afterwards.

    The Bundy ranch wasn’t a media vacuum. And hundreds showed up. The lies of the feds were exposed. “There are no snipers” was easily refuted with images posted of federal sniper teams overlooking the Bundy ranch taken through the rifle scopes. There was a moment when the feds were advancing. One reporter claims to have stopped blood shed. They reported that they stepped forward and made sure the feds understood that the armed civilians were willing to use force to stop them.

    The left doesn’t understand that they are not up against ignorant shit kickers. Yeah, there are redneck boys that know how to shoot deer and not much else. But there are Rednecks and blue collar hicks out there that went to war and were taught by the best. There are a bunch of people out there that are damn smart and have a better idea of how this all works.

    Yeah, I can’t go down to the town square, today, and buy a full auto AK. Nor can I buy an M4. But I promise you that shortly after the feds start there will be easy access to all sorts of fun things.

    I can’t buy C4. I can’t buy blasting caps. I am damn sure that those will be available shortly after this all starts.

    And you know something, it is damn easy to make black powder booms. And I know chemical engineers that would be more than willing to create more energetic devices.

    Most IEDs are dirt simple. The simpler things are, the easier they are to make. But it is damn cheap to by SOC with radios and servos all connected in simple boxes that can be 3D printed. Those boxes can have really simple sensors that make it damn hard to defend against.

    I have a great deal of respect for Starship Troopers 10 second bomb… You drop it and bounce. The bomb announces “I’m a 10 second bomb. 10…9…8…7” Some ground pounder walking through the back forty triggers one of those and his life and the life of his buddies gets very interesting very fast.

    Now have those devices all communicating. You trigger one and three in the general area all start singing at the same time before boom time. And after everybody picks themselves back up, another starts to announce.

    I might not be able to build a device that will take out a MBT, but you know, there are multiple kills. Catastrophic, the target is destroyed. Mobility, the target is unable to move. It might still be able to shoot but a stationary target is a lot easier to destroy. Fire power kill, the thing can move but can’t shoot, just another bulldozer. A sensor/commo kill, it can’t see or communicate. A tank that is blind isn’t doing much of anything.

    And if you want to terrify a tanker, tell him he is going into an urban combat area with no infantry support.

    Then you have the great quote: Good generals study war, great generals study logistics.

    As J.Kb points out, the modern military has a huge logistical tail. All of that tail is soft. There just aren’t enough troops or secure areas to harden that tail. That modern military engine might be able to consume damn near anything. But I promise you that pounds of sugar dissolved into the fuel supplies of military vehicles will start to bring things to a stop, in a hurry.

    You want to make somebodies day? Drop a handful of sand into the oil fill of a vehicle. Yeah, the oil filter will stop it, until it doesn’t. But now your oil filter is clogging.

    And all of this while bubba the ignorant takes potshots at blue helmets or green.

    War against US civilians isn’t going to be pretty for anybody.

    1. When an oil filter clogs, it automatically bypasses the filter element. Results in the sand going straight to the bearings/cylinders/injectors.

  7. Rule 1: There are no rules.
    Rule 2: See Rule #1

    RE: Tankers in urban (or even rural) areas. Ask a tanker (or any commander of a tracked vehicle) about barbed wire.

    Pro Tip: Places like Tractor Supply, Southern States, Rural King, Billy Bob and Cletus’s Backwoods Emporium, etc. all sell barbed wire in 1500 foot rolls. Not quite the dot mil’s 4 foot coils, but it’ll do.

  8. The US would be Rwanda, Kosovo, and Somalia all rolled into one.
    If it goes hot in the US, it either stops before 10,000 dead, or it goes all the way to 30-50 MILLION over several bloody years, and maybe 150+ Million if they figure out the Permissive Action Links.

    The worst is it will not end then either. Read the history of the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe. There were active insurrections against Stalin and the Soviets in many of those countries through the 1950s. Ukraine is in the news, read up on Stefan Bandera.

    1. “Rwanda, Kosovo, and Somalia all rolled into one.”

      We should be so lucky. It would be the Thirty Years’ War, The Hundred Years’ War, WWI and II Vietnam, and those three all rolled into one… with healthy dose of The Troubles and The Intifada for good measure.

      The population of North America (because, sorry, Canada and Mexico are getting roped into too. Probably much of the Caribbean as well) would likely see 5-10% casualties due to direct conflict and another 15-20% due to famine, disease, and all the other fun things that ride in the Four Horsemens’ wake,

  9. Look at the NICS numbers… 39.5 MILLION checks in 2020-2021. 8% were first time buyers. Thats more than all our armed forces combined. And it dont take into account the number of military who will disobey orders to fire on Americans… armed or not liberals are 26% of the population- they are outnumbered AND out smarted. Let them live in the bubble of ignorance.

  10. These people don’t know history, they are too busy stroking each other on Twitter. The most powerful nation on earth just got done fighting a 20 year war in Afghanistan against a smaller force that had no armor or an air force.

    We fought the Taliban for 20 years and what did we do? Gave Afghanistan right back to the Taliban.

    Assuming there would be enough of our armed forces willing to fire on their own people, they can’t win for the many reasons folk have already posted. It turns into guerilla warfare, and would be nasty.

  11. Afg….

    Christ it’s Barely history😂😂😂
    Ahhh whats the point.
    Some folks just can’t learn

  12. He tells people he’s never studied 4th & 5th Generation Asymmetrical Warfare without telling us he never studied them.
    Who wants to fight a stand up, set piece battle that plays to the strength of a conventional force? I’ve haven’t access to an armored brigade, so…..

    Bill Clinton changed the Rules Of Engagement in 1999 on dealing with Serbia “wherein he decided that the political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings of his enemies’ war effort were legitimate targets of war.” People took note of that to save for future reference.

    If it was good enough for Willie Boy, it’s good enough for anyone else. There’s lots of people who don’t realize that they’re in the mix and opening their yaps wide and yammering on merely adds them to the list.

  13. Thank driver/helo driver/fighter-bomber driver takes a leak, tag, you’re it. Asset down, temp or perm.

    Fuel truck driver. Ammo truck driver. Escort MRAP driver, rinse and repeat.

    Joe Bob (or Marcellus, or whoever) gets a town pass, goes into town, looking for some fun. What if “fun”, finds him?

    Yamamoto’s rifles & blades of grass.

    No war nastier than a “civil” war, they say. Ask Selco.

  14. The topic over at American Digest a while back was “you don’t want to be someone we remember.”

    They don’t know that yet. I hope they pull back before they get that lesson.

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