I have spent a lot of time in and around veterans, the competitive shooting community, and the firearms industry.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that competitive civilians out shoot the military every time.

The only military personnel who can shoot well are in the Army Marksmanship Unit, where they train for civilian competitions, or compete in civilian matches on their own time.

Even among the elite military units, they really can’t shoot for shit.

It’s not their fault, kick in a door, toss in a stun grenade, hit everything with a three round burst from an M4 is very effective but isn’t how you score points in a USPSA match.

So I can absolutely believe this happened because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, some ego driven operator wannabe go all roid-rage because he got his ass whooped by some accountant in New Balance sneakers who trains to win matches.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This checks out”
  1. What happened to Evan?

    Either something derailed his philosophy or that attitude was lurking underneath the whole time.

    I gave up on BRCC, their ScrewTube channel and Mat’s channel after the horrendous interview Evan gave. Buh bye.

  2. Egos are a fragile thing to LOTS of people…
    Too bad, cause if they stood up straight an yelled POP they mite learn something…. People like that I avoid ..

  3. I’m sad about it. I rather liked the idea of buying coffee and supporting vets at the same time. It was okay coffee, too. But there were too many things going on, too many cracks in the facade. 🙁 As it is, we now get coffee somewhere else and get more than twice as much for half as much… and it’s better coffee. And I support vets in other ways.

  4. Before I made a decision on BRC products I watch interviews available, with Hafer and others in the firearms training community. I am a member of such an organization which wholeheartedly supports BRC. The founder and owner of the organization agreed with the Rittenhouse position of Hafter. Hafer in almost all of his interviews presented himself as some bad ass military dude that was ‘The best of the best’ i.e., bad to the bone. When he said that he didn’t want anyone to buy his ‘stuff’ who agreed with Rittenhouse’s legal outcome of not guilty, and that he didn’t need those ‘types of customers’ I chose to not participate with Hafer’s business endeavors. And I backed away from three organizations which support him as well.
    In my opinion Hafer belongs on the same shooting range as Rob Pincus, both are living legends…in someone’s mind other than mine.

  5. Eh. I prefer to buy my coffee for its qualities as a coffee – a product I am, shall we say, disinclined to compromise on.

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