This freak supports transition surgery, puberty blockers, and hormones therapy in children.

At least when the Nazis were sewing twins together and the Japanese were replacing human blood with sterile sea water they didn’t have the audacity to say they were trying to help the victims of their gross experimentations.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This dumpster fire clown show Administration made Dr. Mengele an Admiral”
  1. New verb? “To be Bettegeiged: to be harmed by a responsible party’s incompetence, inattention, and grandstanding.”

  2. Does Joe have a horse he wants to appoint to his cabinet?

    Nero had a “trans” “empress”. Sporus was a young Greek boy who “resembled” Nero’s first wife. So Nero had him castrated and “married” him.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha
    What a gd freak!
    Another Gender pretender.
    Jus likes hollyrood, make believe.

  4. Once again, the leftists promote someone because of what they are, not what they have accomplished.

  5. Like I was saying about Butt boy the other day. I couldn’t care less if the guy is a tranny, whether or not they ever had the “chopadickoffame” surgery. Nothing means less to me than someone else’s sexuality.

    But if the only thing positive they can say about it is that it’s the “first openly transgender, female four-star admiral,” it’s a waste of a human life.

    I want to see a list of qualifications as long as my arm. Innovations, leadership, and inventions are infinitely more important than being transgender.

    I’m old enough that when I was a kid we’d say, “it’s none of my business” and move on.

  6. Much of what this admin does seems intended as an affront. David “Burn them all!” Chipman for ATF. The Secretary of Transportation whose qualifications seem to be a sentimental attachment to airport bathrooms.

    And the pervy old guy with Goldilocks hair.

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