I know nothing about this beyond the picture I found on the internet.


Just looking at it made my face cringe, my eye twitch, and by butthole clench.

I don’t know where this is, who this is, what holster this is, all I know is that it is a bad design.

I’m curious how many people signed off on this to have it made and nobody lookd at it and asked, “why?”

The other thing I know is that when this guy chambers a round and shoots his foot off, Glock fanbois will blame Sig.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “This is a bad design”
  1. In looking at the image up close, I think that what we are seeing is user stupidity and not a bad design. It looks, to me, as if the pistol has a weapon light mounted. That weapon light is shoved into the holster and the holster is clamping on that. If you were to push the pistol into the holster the distance of a weapon light, I believe that the trigger would be completely covered.
    The video where the cop had an AD while taking down a prisoner that was not obeying, you can see that his pistol was not fully seated in the holster before it went “bang”. At the moment it went bang, there was something being shoved into the trigger.

    1. Therefore may well be correct.
      I wonder whether he even realizes it’s not properly holstered. Did it feel like it was seated when it got to that insertion depth?
      No idea. But, I would suggest that any holster that gives a positive “click” or substantial detent before the gun is fully in place, is asking for trouble.

    2. Yeah; the holster protrudes well past the muzzle, which seems like a user issue rather than a design issue, unless Bergholt Stuttley Johnson has gotten into the holster design business.
      I note also that he appears to be carrying with no mag inserted.

  2. It’s a Surefire HD1-R holster designed to allow holstering of a suppressed pistol. The original design has a tab of each side which **mostly** covers the trigger guard. It works pretty well on a Glock, but other pistols have longer trigger guards and hold the X300U further away from the trigger, so the tabs won’t completely cover the trigger. In this photo it appears they might have been removed entirely. These were a compromise to allow the use of a suppressor. T-Rex arms made something similar (Ragnarok SD). Neither felt very secure, but if that’s the game you’re playing …

  3. Well, at least it appears he has the manual safety engaged and the aforementioned lack of a magazine. I looked up the holster online, somebody removed the trigger shields for some reason.
    Makes my butt pucker just looking at it. I would not want to be anywhere near this guy. Nope, no thanks.

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