And someone is going to win a stupid prize.


Apparently this is called the Michael Meyers Challenge, after the character from the Halloween horror movie franchise.

Chasing someone with a bat while wearing a mask.

That seems like they are begging to catch a bullet in some parts of the country, especially where lethal force in defense of a third party is legal.

This is fucking stupid and I have no sympathy for anyone who gets shot doing this.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This is a stupid game”
  1. It’s all fun and games till they pick the wrong victim. Sadly if you did use lethal force in response to such a prank your odds of seeing prison are high, very high.

  2. This appears to be a setup game created to make a video – multiple people going to the same door, none of whom seem to know how to operate a key and lock (assuming they were given a key that actually fits that lock….).

    A group playing a staged game for fun, OK…..but someone will see that video and elect to perform it impromptu with people who did not volunteer to play the game nor understand that it is a game. One of those people will demonstrate what a couple 230 grain .451″ +P hollowpoints do to the human body. Not that I care one whit about the Projectile Recipient, but the person operating the expeller will be put through hell because someone with a single-digit IQ thought “this will be fun.”

  3. You know this is setup and all these people are willing participants? Are you worried someone is going to do this not that way? Uhhhhhhhhh you lost me bro.

    1. The “challenge” will go viral, and morons will choose to “prank” strangers.
      Net result will not be pleasant.

      1. This is not new, it has been going on for at least one year if not longer.
        This is confusing because this seems to be one of the few challenges that would not work with strangers, you kind of need people to know what is happening and to play along for it to work.

        1. You’re trusting society’s Lowest Common Denominator to put the same level of critical thought into this that you did and/or come to the same conclusion. The history of social media gives us zero reason to think either would necessarily happen.
          What’s your definition of “work” in this context? And (depending on that answer), why wouldn’t it “work” with strangers?
          More to the point, what happens when someone else’s definition of “work” differs from yours when they try this?
          What J.Kb and CBMTTek are saying is, there’s a sub-set of the population that will watch stuff like this and either: a. not realize these are willing participants in a staged video, and want to try it on strangers; or b. understand it’s a staged video, but want to try it on strangers anyway. Regardless of which of the two they are, eventually someone is going to harass and threaten the wrong “mark” and catch a bullet or three.
          And don’t assume the presence of bystanders with their phones out will be perceived as a giveaway that it’s a harmless prank. How many real violent beatings get recorded on cell-phone video in big cities every day? How many “Knockout Game” incidents have been recorded? Does the fact that people are recording it somehow lessen or negate your right to defend yourself from a perceived armed violent threat?

          1. You have explained in extreme detail precisely why I’m confused. Dumbasses dumbass. That’s not new.
            I simply find this an extremely odd choice to point that out on and clutch pearls on when A its not really a prank per say, more like a skit. B it is pretty tame and harmless compared to most other challenges and pranks we see. C it won’t work if you aren’t all in on it because again, it is more of a skit than a prank which requires you to participate in a specific way.
            What I mean by it won’t work if everyone isn’t in on it is, you cannot guarantee the same response by everyone if they aren’t in on it and the point of the challenge is not met. That is, if everyone is a willing participant you will play by the rules of run to the house and try to unlock the door while michael myers slowly approaches you, the point of the challenge is to try to unlock the door and get in before you get got to see if you can beat the scream queen who always fumbles her keys. If everyone is not a willing participant it doesn’t work because you can’t guarantee the challenge is done within the rules and you can get unexpected outcomes; the point of the challenge is ignored. Example, I am involved as an unaware and unwilling participant. I don’t know there are rules and this is harmless, so I probably turn around and blast the guy who is holding a weapon and menacingly approaching me on my private property. Unwilling participant, unexpected outcome, point of challenge not met.
            Could some dumbass try this on some unsuspecting person? Sure no doubt. Is that really the same thing then as the point of this challenge? I’d say no, not really, its just shitty dumb people being shitty dumb people in the way people are shitty and dumb on social media for shitty and dumb reasons.

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