This is bad, really f**king bad, and will backfire horribly

Propublica is a 501(c)3, non profit organization with the mission statement:

To expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.

Frontline is the PBS documentary series.

PBS is part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  From CPB:

What is the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)?

CPB is the steward of the federal government’s investment in public media and supports the operations of nearly 1,500 locally owned and operated public television and radio stations.

How is CPB funded?

CPB is a private nonprofit corporation that is fully funded by the federal government. Ninety-five percent of CPB’s appropriation goes directly to local public media stations, content development, community services, and other local station and system needs. Less than five percent is allocated to administrative costs – an exceptionally low overhead rate compared with other nonprofits.

CPB’s appropriation originates with the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Subcommittees of the Appropriations Committees in Congress. CPB receives a two-year advance appropriation, which means that Congress makes the decision on the amount of federal support for public broadcasting two years ahead of the fiscal year in which the funding is allocated. In other words, Congress approved the FY 2018 funding level for CPB during the FY 2016 appropriations process. This is done in order to insulate content from political pressure, to allow for advance planning and to help stations leverage funds from other sources.

Today’s headline article from Frontline working with Propublica is:

He is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group; So Why is He Working for a Defense Contractor with a Security Clearance?

The article then goes into describing the person, his personal history, his resume, and everything else about his life.

You can read it if you want but I will not post it here.

An important detal is that he is accused of being part of RAM, or the Rise Above Movement, which is Alt-Right and argued to be  white supremacist group.

This individual is also a doctoral student and works for Northrop Grumman, which is why Northrop Grumman is trending on Twitter with people calling for this person to be fired.

It is critical to understand that this person has not been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime.

This is 2018.

The Corporation for Public broadcasting, which was created by the Congress of the United States and is funded through taxes is doxxing an American citizen.

They have incited an internet hate mob after this guy.

This is not a defense of what this person may or may not have done.

This is line in the sand that the federal government should not be involved in doxxing citizens under the excuse of “investigative journalism” over ideological reasons.

I’ve not seen any thing like this done for members of Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

They are targeting someone with the Alt-Right movement and are going to destroy him, possibly even get him killed.

This is an Orwellian horror show.  This has to be stopped.


5 Replies to “This is bad, really f**king bad, and will backfire horribly”

  1. Once again the so called left is using the methods of NAZI Germany to attack the so called right.

    “Das Jude! Das Jude!”

  2. “This is bad, really f**king bad, and will backfire horribly”

    Agreed. And these progtard Schutzstaffel tactics won’t stop until they’re served a heaping dose of their own medicine.
    Some people would say we shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level, but I’m of the opinion we’re long pass trying talk to these lunatics and they will only understand how damaging this b.s. can be when it happens repeatedly to them and their fellow progtards in snowflake-land.

  3. One of the things a security clearance investigation is supposed to do, is identify associations that might lead one to disclose certain types of information in a fashion detrimental to the security of the US. Another is identify any association with a group that wants to overthrow the US government.

    Does this alt-right group meet the requirements for denying someone a clearance?

    How many people with clearances, I wonder, can be tied to Antifa in some way?

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