Did you think Chris Cuomo was bad?

CNN Staffer John Griffin Charged With Enticing Moms, Daughters Into ‘Sexual Activity’

A CNN employee has been charged with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to sexually abuse underage girls.

John Griffin, 44, of Stamford, Connecticut, was arrested on Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont.

The indictment says that between April and July 2020, he used Google Hangouts and Kik to communicate with people purporting to be the parents of underage girls.

He allegedly used the applications to say that women should be “sexually subservient and inferior to men” and that a “woman is a woman regardless of her age.”

The mother and the 9-year-old flew from Nevada to Boston in July 2020. Prosecutors say Griffin picked them up from the airport and drove them to his house in Ludlow, Vermont.

At the property “the daughter was directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful sexual activity,” the indictment said.

They call him a “staffer.”

That’s bullshit.

He was a senior producer… on Christmas Cuomo’s show.

So it looks like Team Cuomo is Team Sex Offender or Team Pedo.

There is no way that a senior producer and lead talking head are this way without the rest of the organization knowing and/or being complicit.

And you wonder why so many believe our nation is run by an elite cabal of pedophiles.

When Miguel is done woodchippering The Atlantic, gonna need that chipper for CNN.

Except for Brian Stelter.

Pedos to the chipper, potatoes to the mandolin.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is CNN”
  1. Mother of the year material, right there.

    I wonder if the victim(child) and criminal co-conspirator(mom) will be identified? If the mom isn’t identified and charged then we have to ask why? She willingly traveled with and met up with a predator who participated in the sexual abuse of her child.

    I suspect there is a bit to this than we are being told.

    Did she know who Griffin was? Did she find out and try to blackmail him and or CNN?

    Something a bit fishy about this one.

    1. There are some truly sick people in this world. Some sell or rent their own children, for financial gain, for personal advancement, for notoriety, for a sense of power, for a feeling of being close to power, for a thrill of the forbidden.
      A female doing this with and to her own child should be a hemp sentence (along with the fellow “adult” participants). I don’t much care WHY they did it.
      But it does bring from memory how much and how often CNN and other “news” outlets pooh-poohed the whole notion of “pizzagate” a decade ago, and how ridiculous they made it. One of the most effective ways to disarm an accusation is to blow it to ridiculous and unbelievable proportion – and yet, Epstein and pedo island was a real thing, and was ongoing while pizzagate was being derided as ridiculous.
      There is more to this. Whether it will ever be allowed to come to light and justice is another matter.

  2. As I said before….
    Pizzagate ….
    Lookin more amd more real everyday.

    The Pe(D)o Party is proud of there perversion and 24/7/365’Sexual Obssessions.
    Kill all the send.

  3. Mandolins are (a) evil, (b) too small and (c) are going to have problems with the bone.

    May I suggest considering a professional quality, automatic deli slicer instead?

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