Remember Independence Day these year?  I know, it seems like forever ago already.

For the people who spent their hard earned money to visit Liberty Island and see the Statue of Liberty on America’s birthday, the soon won’t forget it.

They had to be evacuated from Liberty Island when a woman named Patricia Okoumou illegally climbed Lady Liberty and engaged in an hours long standoff with police.  She ruined a lot of people’s vacation and 4th of July celebrations to protest immigration policy and to abolish ICE.

Just the other day, she appeared in court facing charges for her criminal acts.

She is being celebrated by the media for it because of what she was wearing to court.

From HuffPO: Melania Trump Gets Trolled By Statue Of Liberty Protester For ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket

From Yahoo News: Statue of Liberty protester mocks Melania Trump’s infamous ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ coat at court appearance

Yeah, take that Trump and Trump supporters.  This woman committed a crime and ruined peoples’ Independence Day celebration with her protest but she made fun of the First Lady, so we’re winning.

At least the New York Post was more honest in the reporting of the shit show outside of court.

Statue of Liberty climber spews anti-American chant outside court

This is what she was yelling at her press conference that caused HuffPO and Yahoo News to get all hot and bothered.

“America you mother fuckers! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA.”

Here’s the video.

Keep in mind that Okoumou was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, immigrated to the United States in 1994 and has been a naturalized US citizen for 10 years.

Which makes me wonder if this is what she thinks of America, why did she come here and work so hard to earn her citizenship here?  And why does this make me think of the word ‘ingrate?’

So where does David Hogg fit in?

Right next to Okoumou.

Notice the shirt she is wearing.  “Gays against guns.”

She came from the Congo.  Had she not emigrated from there she’s probably be a slave of some warlord, raped bloody and then forced to mine coltan with her bare hands.  But she escaped that fate to come here and demand that the citizens of her adopted nation give up our civil rights.

The civil right that makes sure warlords can’t enslave us.

She’s his inspiration.  This woman who engaged in a spectacle on the Statue of Liberty, causing Liberty Island to be evacuated on the 4th of July, and then after pleading not guilty to that act in court, came out and insulted America and her citizens.  This woman to moves to a country and then demands it abandons its liberties.

That’s who inspires David Hogg.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “This is going to win Hogg hearts and minds”
  1. While it had been brewing for years, Trump’s victory and time in office have had the effect of making me dislike the press/news to downright loathing and hating them. Vile scum, damn near all of them.

  2. Any chance Ms. Shitholia can be stripped of her U.S. citizenship and sent back to the shithole she wants to turn America into?

  3. You know … I think this might make me a bad person, but every time I read something like this, it makes me want to (a) buy a new ‘scope, or (b) go to the range and sight in the last ‘scope I bought because of an article like this.

    Right now I have a backlog. I’m such a bad procrastinator.

  4. Shit. Just Shit. I don’t have the words. The communist takeover of the once-mighty Free Press. Disgusting.


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