If pictures are worth a thousand words, this Tweet is a treatise against America’s Leftist elite.

The Leftist elite love to tell the rest of us just how embarrassed the rest of the world is of us and we should aspire to be more like the other wealthy Progressive nations of the world.

Out elite celebrities, athletes, academics, and talking heads tell us how the American flag is a symbol of racism and systemic oppression.

But when actual oppressed people are being crushed under the boot hell of despots, what country do they appeal to for help and what flag do they wave as a symbol of freedom?

Old Glory.

The Stars and Stripes.

The Star-Spangled Banner.

The American Flag.

We are only an embarrassment to foreign Progressive elites who hate freedom and long for control.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I would be happy to trade every Cuban waiving and American flag, chanting “libertad” for every Leftist who Tweeted anti-American bullshit on the 4th of July.

Cuba is only 90 miles away.  It’s a short flight.  And to save time we can just toss the American Leftists out of the plane during the decent approach so it’s empty and ready for new passengers when it lands.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is how foreigners really see America”
  1. Agreed. Ship the additional leftards to China and pick up the HK protestors as well.

  2. Only our European betters that spent the rest of recorded history killing eachother and everyone else are embarrassed by us and how weve managed to only have one major and a few minor internal confilcts in nearly 250 years. Those are rooky numbers for Europeans!

    1. They’ve had wars that lasted as long as our government.

      (When you look at the actual dates since a major change in the form of government, the US is one of the oldest nations in the world.)

  3. All those Cubans and ethnic Chinese waving the American flag are just racist white supremacists showing their true colors.

    As we all know, the Stars & Stripes do not represent freedom, liberty, independence, or self-determination. They are inherently symbols of white supremacy and oppression. All the conflicts around the world we’ve engaged in (read: shed American blood for) under that flag ostensibly to protect other people from brutality — government and otherwise, up to and including genocide — were fought ONLY for the benefit of white people.

    The Left says it, ergo it must be true.

    (I just threw up in my mouth a little typing that. *headdesk*)

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