This is a desecration.

Steak at Walmart is so expensive and petty crime is so rampant that steak has to be RFID security tagged.

This is an abomination.

Every person who made this situation happen needs to pay.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is how low we have been brought down”
  1. What state is this happening? I think its because of democrats refusing to prosecute crimes … we were just in a walmart yesterday. It is food stamp time, the place looked like locusts came thru. I didnt see any chained up steak..

  2. No one is going to pay.

    Walmart is Ghettomart. They are a hostile place to shop because of the locked cabinets and displays. Good luck locating the trustee with the key. They know their clientele.

    I go to the closest for convenience since the toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning materials aren’t secured. Wandering back to the Check-out, I paused to look at the men’s underwear, which were in a locked display. No thanks.

    1. I shop at Walmart regularly. (Probably going today, in fact.) Nothing is locked up except electronics, baby formula (which is universal).

  3. Sadly, this is not new. I remember seeing this happen on the Choice steaks at Walmart in a small town in North Carolina several years ago. But I expect we will see it become more widespread as the year goes on.

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