Beto gets an infection and the media has to remind everyone that it’s not monkeypox.

Imagine just how much of a beta bitch a guy gas to be that he gets sick and everyone just assumes a bunch of men ran a train on him up his ass.

I think it’s actually more insulting that they had to get out ahead of this than just ignore the trolls.

And given how much the media lies and carries water for Democrats, I’m not sure if I trust this to be accurate. Beto might actually have the Sodomonkey Pox.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This is how much of a b*tch Beto is”
  1. Calling him “beto” is a YUGE insult to the latino culture.kinda like calling an English/Itallion guy Jorge.. I WISH we would stop calling him that. Pusnutz orouke would be better. Maybe he got sick peddling his bike 25 feet every day to his office…. When all you do is lie what makes you think THIS is the truth??

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