Concealed carry holder shoots man trying to rob him on Chicago CTA train

A concealed carry holder pulled out his gun and shot another man who tried to rob him at gunpoint on a CTA Green Line train on Friday, police said.

Around 4:43 p.m., Chicago police say the 25-year-old male victim was on the train in the 4700 block of West Lake Street when he was approached by a 33-year-old male offender who pulled out a gun and announced a robbery.

The victim then produced a firearm of his own and there was an exchange of gunfire, police said.

The victim was not struck, but the offender was in the leg. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital in fair condition.

I can tell you exactly why some guy tried to rob a commuter on the CTA.

Under Illinois concealed carry laws, it is illegal to carry concealed on public transportation or within 1,000 feet of any property owned or leased by the CTA.


Anyone with half a brain knew what would happen next.

Bus stops and train platforms became targets for criminals.  They knew that law abiding citizens were disarmed and so they became hunting grounds.

Over the years, bills have been submitted to change the law but the Chicago machine has managed to kill it every time.

This CCL broke the law and defended his life.

I feel bad for him because you absolutely know that Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago will put infinitely more effort into prosecuting a guy with a CCL for carrying on a train than the armed robber for armed robbery and illegal possession of a gun.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This is how you fight crime in Chicago”
  1. Mm. A quibble – this guy wasn’t a vigilante out to fight crime, as far as I can tell; rather, he was someone not willing to be a victim for the sake of complying with an unconstitutional law.
    If this is how the city is fighting crime, collectively, then there’s a major problem. Which I suppose we already knew.

  2. If this is what I’m thinking of, this was a security guard who fired 18 rounds with 1 hit. The robber fired 1 round from a revolver and missed.

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