This is how you know it’s nothing but politics

This Tweet.  This Tweet right here.

This blog has systematically documented failure after failure of the Broward Country Sheriffs office and Broward County school board.

The Sun Sentinel deserves a Pulitzer for uncovering everything they have about just how bad the Promise Program was, the failures of the school to properly handle Cruz, the failures of the Sheriffs Department to deal with Cruz and his family, the failure of Children and Family Services, the failure of the BSO on the day of the shooting.  Everything.

And who does Fred Guttenberg blame most of all?  Dana Loesch and the NRA.

The only way my rational brain can make sense of this situation is that Guttenberg is a die-hard Democrat who cannot fathom that other Democrats who had their pictures taken of them shaking hands with Hillary Clinton could be so bad at their jobs and fail so miserably an allow his child to get killed.  Democrats are the good guys, how could they let this happen?

So he has to find someone else to blame and he zeroes in on a political enemy.

If the BSO had at any time arrested Cruz for one of the myriad of reasons they came to his house, he could have been convicted and made a prohibited person.  But they didn’t and so Cruz was able to buy a gun.

“I’ve made the occasional Tweet about how the Sheriff I voted for created a culture in the department that directly lead to my child’s death, but the person with the most blood on their hands are law abiding guns owners who are part of an organization that had nothing to do with this shooting, but I’ve disagreed with for years.”

This has nothing what so ever to do with school safety and everything to do with politics.

5 Replies to “This is how you know it’s nothing but politics”

  1. “Guttenberg is a die-hard proggie who cannot fathom that other proggies could fail so miserably and allow his child to get killed.”

    Sad, ain’t it?

    “This has nothing what so ever to do with school safety and everything to do with politics.”

    That’s a bingo.

  2. Some persons will go to the ends of the Earth swearing up and down that the reality does not exist, only their perceptions.

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