Ron DeSantis is far better at this than Trump ever was.


Not a mean Tweet.

An act by a sitting governor acknowledging the accomplishment of the true winner of the NCAA swim meet and defending women and girls from unfair competition.

He used both his office and social media to advance a Conservative position that is overwhelmingly supported by moderates.

This was a culture war Blitzkrieg maneuver.

Very well played.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “This is how you win a culture war”
  1. Men’s & Women’s sports were never about ‘gender’. They were always about the cold hard biological truth of humans being a Sexually Dimorphic species. The males & females are too physically different to make real competition between them fun or fair. Letting a male compete against females is basically against the entire point of separate sports. It’s like letting a 250lb boxer identify & compete against a flyweight. The point of weight classes is to allow us to see skill in the art verses raw strength & ability to take punishment.

  2. One thing I cant finger out- democrats for ever have been screaming “men SUK, we dont a stinkin man, eeeww lookit!, a white man, republicans are ALL icky white men”……. Then, a young WHITE man claims to be a women and “wins” a womens sporting event and is praised and honored by F’in democrats…

    1. CRT is the religion of the Woke, but one they take about as seriously as the court of Louis XIV took Catholicism.
      Lots of lip service and public acts of confession and contrition, but very very very little actual following of the commandments.
      In this case, Feminism and LGBT+ allows privileged white people an indulgence, a means to claim Holy Victimhood without any particular real victimizing.
      It can be confusing, because in the Woke Religion, a young, straight white male from a rich background is actually allowed to tell a gay black woman from a poor background that she’s wrong- if he’s Woke and she’s Conservative.

    2. Transgender is at the top of the woke scale. That’s why. Race is slightly below that. And if you are a minority and transgender it moves you higher up the scale. Basically the more left groups you belong to, the higher on the scale you go.

      1. “Left” is still the trump card. A black, transgendered, disabled woman who identifies as lesbian that also happens to be a Republican is considered to be less than any cis-het white rich dude if he’s Woke. He’s even allowed to tell her to ‘check her privilege’.

  3. I think Matt Walsh was the first one to do this in a widely-publicized way, but folks on the right started asking folks on the left “What is a woman” and noting their complete inability to answer the question.

    Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson that question at the hearing yesterday, and it seems the left has come up with a cutesy response that they think is a great answer:
    “I am not a biologist.”

    That was exactly the same thing that a trans activist said to a woman at the NCAA “Women’s” swimming finals last week.

    This very odd, very specific response to a pretty easy question says to me that the left has put this out as a proper response to “what is a woman.”

    So now we need to formulate a response to “I am not a biologist” since they think that should be the end of the discussion.

    Personally, I think some form of “then you can’t have an opinion on anything you’re not professionally trained in” might be good. If they can’t define a woman because they’re not a biologist, that means they can’t have an opinion on abortion because only women’s opinions on abortion are valid, as they’ve been arguing for the last 40 years or so. Right?

    No opinions on vaccinations because they’re not a doctor.
    No opinions on Ukraine because they’re not a diplomat.
    No opinions on guns because they’re not a gunsmith.

    etc etc.

    “What is a woman” is the greatest political gotcha question that anyone on the right has ever come up with.

    1. If you can’t figure out what a woman is, how can we expect you to know when a sexual assault or gender discrimination has occurred?”
      You’re therefore fundamentally and obviously unqualified for this job.

      >mic drop<

  4. Kudos, but still too mild.

    Should have declared the NCAA a terrorist organization, banned them from any authority statewide, and formed his own athletic association. The NCAA should also be sued in state and federal court by the state of FL for gender discrimination, and kill this nonsense (at the NCAA’s own expense) in perpetuity. Ban their jurisdiction and officiating in every sport, statewide. Literally pull the rug right out from under them, and push them off the platform.
    He’d have 37-45 states on board with FL by breakfast tomorrow, and by the end of the week, the NCAA would represent the Northeast, the Left Coast, and Chicongo only. Shortly after that, only Greewich Village and San Francisco only. And then they’d collapse, and cease to exist except as the transgender conference, and become a memory by Christmas.

    DeSantis ran the NCAA off the road and into a tree. They need to be run right off a cliff. They’ve lost their minds.

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