There are no coincidences in politics.

This was just finished by the ATF, they have been sitting on this.

The gun-rights community celebrated the Roger Benitez decision overturning California’s AWB so the Biden DOJ drops this on us to remind us of our place.

There are millions of braces on the market.  They have been available since the ATF signed off on them in 2013.  They have turned into a sort of cottage industry with small accessories companies designing and manufacturing braces of all sorts.

Several large manufacturers include aftermarket braces as OEM equipment on pistols.

By now, a braced pistol should be considered a firearm in common use.

This is entirely an act of revenge against the gun community by the Biden DOJ, to take away freedom because we gained freedom last Friday.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “This is is revenge for the Benitez decision”
  1. …to take away freedom because we gained freedom last Friday.

    And it’s even worse than that.

    The Benitez decision affects only California, and if history is a guide stands a high change of being overturned or ignored.

    The new ATF brace rules, in contrast, affect the whole country and stand a slim chance of being overturned.

    1. I disagree. The Benitez decision has the likelihood of going to the Supreme Court and getting all AWBs overturned.

      So with the threat of losing the ability to impose a national AWB they went with a national brace ban.

      1. Could be. It all depends on whether the Roberts Jackal wing of the court gets to make the call on certiorari, or the Thomas Constitution -loving wing.

      2. Oh, don’t misunderstand; I am glad to hear the decision, and hope I am wrong.

        However … even if the case gets to the SC, they decide to take it, and they decide for freedom, we’re still on the order of a decade out from that decision. (And I hope I’m wrong – on the long side – about the timeline. But you know the Leftist components of both the legislative and executive branches will try to drag it out as long as possible.)

  2. Ssooo we all become felons and enjoy the Freedom that comes with joining the criminals that joe n the ho so raptly enjoy. Fuk em.


    These are the principles that MUST be followed by the American gun owner in the 21st century.

  4. Now, wait…
    The maximum length of a pistol is 26 inches?
    So if you take a large-frame revolver and install a 20-inch barrel (but no shoulder stock), it becomes a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16 inches?
    War is peace, freedom is slavery, and 2 + 2 = 5.

  5. Yet another “punishment” for wrongthink. They, demoncraps, are quick to use that use mass “punishment” to whip the proles back into line. WuFlu lockdowns were punishment for voting PDJT into office.
    Who is the master and who is the servant?

  6. Are these “rulings’ going to give us another Ruby Ridge or Waco? With Chipman being nominated for the director of the ATF, it doesn’t seem that far of a stretch.

  7. I am not real interested in having Chipman at my front door. The last place he made an example of burned to the ground (Waco).

  8. So ATF’s next Rule Change…
    Access to ALL 4473’s and A&D books,regardless of Current Criminal Investigation Reasons.

    First pg of the new 4473’s is all they really need.
    One quick Cell Phone shot. BAM!
    Cut there treachery in half they did and made it easier.
    Genius! Hoo-RaH!

    If the Repubes only had 20% of the Commies Balls to just keep the Train Rolling, let alone actually do anything.

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