In DC, you can guarantee that the least knowledgeable and competent people are the ones who try and run the show.

Any person interested in gun rights know the phrase “shoulder thing that goes up.”  Because it’s always the people who know the least about guns that want to make gun laws.

Small business is regulated by people who have never made a payroll or worked in the private sector.

But this incompetence is just telling.

Of course she’ll get the job because who else should regulate cars than an octogenarian who can’t drive?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “This is just too on the nose”
  1. Can someone forward this story to Congressman Massie?:

    Eleanor Holmes Norton Does Not Resist Urge To Hit Kill Switch On Driverless Car

    The autonomous vehicle from Carnegie Mellon University was scheduled to leave the area near the U.S. Botanic Garden and make a trip through the city with members of Congress and the press. That did not happen, however, as the scientists who built the Cadillac SRX could not get it to run again.

    Video Here:

    The woman is a complete disaster on wheels.

  2. I don’t know. Who’s worse; the senile octogenarian who can’t drive or the young guy that walks around the car and tells her that her parking is fine?

  3. So the conclusion I see is that she’s such a bad driver she can’t even drive a self-driving car.

    Meanwhile, I did not realize that someone who isn’t a member of congress could be a member, let alone chairman, of a congressional committee.

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