Let’s assume for a moment this happened and she’s not making it up, this is a terrible threat assessment and a worse response.

The man is 30 feet away in a crowded and well lit parking lot during the day and ge announces himself.

That’s not very indicative of an attack.

Even then, turning and yelling at him to not approach her was an extreme response.

She could have inquired from a distance what he wanted and then reacted accordingly.

The man could have have Ben proffering information that would have enhanced her safety, but now she’ll never know.

All this does is make good men less likely to be chivalrous and women at greater risk from actual harmful men.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is neither security or situational awareness”
  1. All of this hype and “tolerance “ makes me not want to talk to ANYONE, no matter what “gender” they think they are…no eye contact no nothin… and of course for most of these “women”, it will be someone else’s fault when they are old broke and alone.

  2. I was in so much danger, I literally had the time to ist in my car and record a tiktok after.
    Like hey I get it getting approached by any stranger in public skeezes me out but man, something is missing for this story here for why she reacted so strongly; maybe its happy pills, maybe its some other intangible.

  3. I am thinking she heard that most women who are attacked are afraid to “offend” someone by being cautious. Ergo, the panic because this guy said something. And, she needs to be taught to recognize some danger signs, not just assume every man is a danger.
    Also, (total assumption on my part), I am guessing this guy was not terribly attractive, or possibly not well dressed. I am pretty sure if Brad Pitt, or some other pretty boy said “excuse me, miss” she would not have freaked out.

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