I really don’t care if a man wants to put in a dress and sing in private, far away from children.

But I want to make it clear why this statement is so grotesque.

This Administration and Nancy Pelosi’s party created a Disinformation Board and coerced internet platforms into policing speech questioning mask mandates, vaccine effectiveness and side effects, stories about the corruption of the President’s son, questions about voter fraud, and news critical to voters to make informed decisions.

That is what freedom expression is all about.

This is lip service to freedom of expression.

This is the second most powerful person in the US government telling you the First Amendment protects trivial things like taping your balls to your taint while you sing falsetto, but the important things like national policy in response to a pandemic must be curated and censored.

That is an obscenity.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is not what freedom of expression is about”
  1. Used to be drag was a valid part of vaudeville/comedy/etc… there was a time when it was artistic and a challange for a man to portray a woman on stage. The less people who realized you were not a woman, the better of an acting job you did.
    That has NOTHING to do with the ridiculousness happening today. The drag queens demanding ‘respect’ are not drag queens, they are idiots that think shocking is some kind of entertainment or lifestyle. It is as far removed from the drag of a few decades ago as humans are from amoebas.
    The “freedom of expression” Pelosi is applauding is nothing more than a sexual version of Jackass

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