DeSantis 2024: No more political theater.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is the best Presidential campaign video I’ve ever seen”
  1. And the Mother of one of the kids is Karening about him removing his mask.
    I feel sorry for the poor kid, he is standing there like a doofus in his KN-95 while Maskless Mama Karen demands Manager DeSantis Corrects this Outrage Immediately! How dare that Mom encourage my kid remove his useless mask!
    Next thing you know, DeSantis will tell him that he does not have to take the second booster of the same vaccine that did not keep him safe the first THREE times he was jabbed with it! She is so scaed her poor darling might be the one out of the One Hundred Thousand Teenagers that died from COVID-19, even though he is healthy and a normal weight.

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