Senator Duckworth, fuck you.

The bill she is supporting here is very liberal in allowing abortion as well as bring filled with a lot of Leftist gobbledygook about reproductive justice and how the US is so terrible to BIPOC and LGBT women.

Rather than laugh into the merits of the bill with an understanding that the vast majority of Americans support some restrictions on abortion (the old “safe, legal, and rare”), she browbeats people with “as a veteran.”

Her veteran status has fuck all nothing to do with if it’s appropriate for a woman to be able to kill her unborn child.

What does she expect me to do?  Look at her and say “oh yes, absolutely, you served this country so I’m going to obsequiously defer to your superiority because I’m an unworthy civilian.”


“As a veteran” has come to mean absolutely nothing to me except as another identity that some people believe gives them special privileges.

Congratulations, the veteran card, like the race card, is overdrawn and I don’t give a shit about it anymore.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This is the bullsh*t that makes me dislike veterans”
  1. The most egregious thing for me is her saying “those rights,” as if women will have each and every right taken away.

    This is the same kind of crap as saying “Women can’t get healthcare in Texas” (or wherever) when they’re using “healthcare” as an excessively broad euphemism for “restriction-free abortion.”

    1. Still not sure how abortion can be considered healthcare. It is really the opposite of health care. What is healthier than a woman carrying a baby to term? It is the body working the way it was meant to work. That is health.
      Stopping that is the opposite of healthcare.
      Of course, I cannot say that in public because the leftists will say I am demanding all women be pregnant all the time, because “healthy.” Which is not what I am saying at all. If you are pregnant, and you can carry a healthy baby to term without significant health issues, you are healthy. Terminating that pregnancy is not supporting health. Therefore, it is the opposite of healthcare.
      But, to a leftist, if a medical professional is involved, it is healthcare. End of story. (Of course, that means everything Dr. Megele did was healthcare, and unit 731 practiced healthcare, etc…)

  2. My late cousin was a Marine officer from the 1940s to the early ’60s, who had distinguished service in 3 wars, and DFCs from both WWII and Korea. He was one of the senior managers working with John Glenn on his Mercury flight. During his last days, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with him and Glenn’s name came up.
    My cousin respected Glenn as a Marine. As a senator, not one bit. Glenn was a far leftie from the day he began campaigning for the Ohio Senate seat, and became a fervent anti-gunner once in office. My cousin told me that far too many of his fellow Marine officers, and other service officers, were lefties. He told me that Heinlein’s Starship Troopers idea of having only veterans allowed to vote was bovine manure, that Heinlein didn’t know many vets.When he died a few weeks later, I inherited a first edition of Starship Troopers, signed by Glenn shortly before his Mercury flight. RIP, Norman.

  3. Sad how democrats pervert things to fit an agenda…
    I have found out that “vetran”in front of anything (vetran owned, vetran of, ect) doesnt always mean American…wheres my Country?????

  4. As a veteran (retired after 20 years on active duty) I don’t think her status as a veteran has a damn thing with the subject of women murdering their unborn children. That person… I’m assuming she’s a person… took an oath as a member of the military and a member of congress to support and defend the Constitution of the United States… I propose she read, and if necessary get someone to explain to her, Amendment X. Until then, she needs to sit the hell down, and STFU.

  5. This was never a problem before we began pretending women could do the same jobs in the military as men could do.
    Call me when they can do the male PFT, and the three women left out of hundreds of thousands can stay, on an equal footing.

    1. So true! Women have the same pay, more benefits (males don’t have maternity leave, etc) and usually do a lot LESS than their male counterparts!

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