Let’s count the problems:

The Left only cares about Asians being targeted when they can blame it on white people.

California, and San Francisco in particular, has made it nearly impossible to buy a gun to defend yourself.

Leftist prosecutors refuse to punish criminals who do this with any seriousness if at all.

As such, Asians are being targeted for home invasion and are left hiding behind closet doors and makeshift barricades.

All in the name of equity and progressivism.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “This is the result of a perfect storm of Leftist politics”
  1. It’s the leftist utopia, the ultimate realm of Libtardianism.

    What’s not to like?

    Adding 2×4 braces to your door is completely normal (and I am guessing not exactly robust).

  2. Have you noticed that there’s almost never a lack of security camera footage? But somehow that never prevents the crime, just – maybe, eventually – helps ID the criminals.

  3. California, and San Francisco in particular, has made it nearly impossible to buy a gun to defend yourself.

    Sorry, but that’s total b.s.

    Can’t walk in and out with one the same day? Yes, but that hasn’t been possible hereabouts for half a century or more for handguns, and 30+ years for long guns.
    Hard to get a CCW in the populous coastal strip of counties? Yes.
    Hard to find an actual gun store inside L.A. or S.F. city limits? Sure.
    But hard to buy a gun? As the saying goes, “B**ch, please.”

    They’ve even made it hard for 75% of what’s made to be available here.
    But it’s not harder to buy a gun anywhere in CA now that it was in 1989, Which is annoying, though anything but difficult.

    The biggest drawback to buying now is retailers have sold damn near everything they can get their hands on, to anyone who wants one, with the result that for over a year-plus, shelves were bare of anything that goes “bang”.

    That’s just 10M “independents” in Califrutopia suddenly realizing they were on their own, and planning accordingly.

    At the end of the day, people still choosing to live in SF or LA get their own reward, eventually.

    1. Didn’t San Francisco close down the last gun store in the city? No to mention a purchase permit, registration, 10-day waiting period, etc. Okay, not impossible, just extremely difficult in certain counties.

      1. Neil Schulman documented in great detail (in “Stopping Power”) how the CCW approval board in Santa Monica county rejected all (or perhaps all but 2 or 3) applications over a multi-year span, and prided themselves in doing this. That’s what happens when “may issue” is put into place. It was so bad that one of the board members had to go to another county to get his own permit.
        If that’s not “nearly impossible”, Aesop, I don’t know what definition you use.

        1. Apples, meet oranges.
          50 yard penalty, and loss of possession.
          You’re talking about CCWs. That’s nice, but irrelevant.
          The original statement (you could look it up) was
          California, and San Francisco in particular, has made it nearly impossible to buy a gun to defend yourself.
          It is no such nearly impossible, anywhere in CA, to buy a gun.

          Sorry you missed that in plain English, not once, but twice; but there it is.

          I already told you, getting a CCW in any of the counties along the Pacific Ocean ranges from difficult to impossible. I’d love “shall issue” to be the law of the land in all 50 states, but the recockulous CCW policies in most of the counties I’ve lived in hasn’t had Jack nor Shit to do with making it hard for me to buy any of the dozens of guns I’ve bought over the years.

          The primary limiting factors have been my budget, and what’s on the shelves. Since they passed the asinine “one handgun a month” rule, I’ve done my damnedest to buy one handgun a month. It’s the law, after all, so if they want me to be sure and get 12 more handguns every year, I feel duty-bound to follow that rule.

          But buying a gun is as hard as filling out a 4473, slapping down a credit card, and waiting 10 days for the background investigation period to pass. It happens thousands of times a day in this state. That’s how not-impossible buying a gun is here.
          There were 1.166M guns sold legally in CA in 2020, which works out to a legal sale taking place every 15 seconds, every day of the year, given a 12- hour a day sales window.

          Better luck next time.

      2. High Bridge Arms, I think the name was. Got my first 1911 transferred through them. Nice people. I was sad to hear when they closed.

      3. Hmm, last time I walked into my LGS my dealer plopped a 4473 on the counter, greeted me by name asked what I was looking for.

        30 minutes I walked out the door with a new firearm.

        So the BS in California makes it hard to buy guns legally.

        Oh, and with guns flying of the shelves lots of choices still there to buy. No bottom of the barrel stuff.

      4. Difficult in one county.

        When last I looked, there were bridges and roads that connected to S.F. to 3 adjoining counties just minutes away, and 6 more counties just beyond that, 8 out of 10 which comprise the actual SFBay Area, and none of the others bound by SF nonsense.

        And you don’t need a permit from SF to buy a handgun anywhere in the state.
        Which means everyone with wheels (including a bicycle) has easy access at their whim. FFS, Amtrak goes from SF to practically the Mexican border, 450 miles south.

        The original premise is simply unsupportable by facts.
        It’s not impossible, it’s not extremely difficult; hell, it’s not even hard.
        What it isn’t is multiple-states’ 20-minutes instant background check easy.
        No argument there.

        But it’s harder to get a table at Olive Garden on a Saturday night than it is to buy a gun in this state, unless you’re criminally insane, or a convicted felon. And the 10-day wait is a total PITA, but it’s been that way since 1989, since which time something over 30M guns have been purchased in this state.

        Anybody living here crying “it’s too hard” to buy a gun is either an ex-con, or a functional football-helmet-wearing retard.

      1. You mean the rich who can afford the fees and bribes, can take time off work on a weekday to apply for permits, and can take personal cars out of the city to where the gun stores are (can’t take a gun on public transportation) can buy them and the working class can’t?

        Just like New York City?

        The wealthy elite have always crafted the rules so they can can buy the privileges they deny to others.

    2. There also is the fact (law) that certain (many) handguns which may not be sold by any licensed gun store. One can buy a used copy from a private party (through a dealer only), but not a new one (or an “unauthorized” one, even used, from out of state). Since the state requires copies of the weapon and – I believe – a fee for a weapon to be “authorized,” many manufacturers are declining to get their guns “qualified.” I don’t believe Colt has any semi-autos still on the authorized list and the same for many others. This has caused prices of firearms to skyrocket (when any are available).

      1. Yes, there is an approved list made up using no discernible principle whatsoever. One of the guns that didn’t make the list is the Boberg XR9. I remember that Arne found a workaround: he made drop-in barrel for the gun that turned it into a single shot, and that was legal in CA. Then he’d include the real barrel as an accessory. So a CA buyer would buy the “CA Boberg”, remove the joke barrel, insert the real barrel, and presto, a legal cA sale of an XR9.

        1. Doesn’t any new semi-auto require microstamping, as well as the rest of the “testing,” to go on the not-unsafe “approved” list?

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