They were well armed and well equipped with ballistic shields and plate armor and stood around for 77 minutes.

One decided to casually get a dose of hand sanitizer for some unfathomable reason.

The one that really takes the cake is this officer:


Hid entire career was just him LARPing as a bad ass.

When he actually had to sack up and act like the Punisher, he checked his fucking phone while children died.

And each and every one of these officers is protected by the law.

If parents in Uvalde need help fixing up old Komatsus or welding,  I think there will be plenty of volunteers.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “This is what the Uvalde Police did not want you to see”
  1. And this was all basically known at the time that Uvalde PD did nothing positive to stop the shooter and did everything possible to make the situation worse.

    Daily, weekly, monthly we are learning more and more about the utter failure of this situation.

    Makes me sick.

    Since Columbine the national LEO standards have been to enter first, enter fast, don’t wait for backup, push the shooter(s) and keep him/them offguard.

    But continued failures to enter first and enter fast have stacked up the bodies.

    Time, past time to hold officers and leaders accountable.

    At the PD where I used to work, everyone, from chief to janitor, had to sit through 2 days of “What is an illegal order and why you cannot follow such” and one of the examples was if some scene commander or command staff member said to hold back entry while an active shooter was shooting. Illegal order, as department and state and national guidelines and actual rules stated not to hold back.

    When will these pieces of dogsqueeze be held to the rules they signed that they read and understood?

  2. While it’s not even remotely the same scale, I keep wondering if any of the cops along the parade route in Highland Park shot back at the shooter there. It hasn’t been reported that this was done, and clearly it should have been. Of course, the victims were disarmed there since it’s Illinois, but that doesn’t apply to the cops.

  3. Gotta love how everyone wants to rush in the moment they know he is dead. I will say, at least good on that one guy for holding the mob back and trying to get everyone to make space for medical etc.

    Maybe I’m wrong and they should have been allowed to rush in and see all the dead children their inaction cost.

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