They were always enforcers of the Left.

Leftists in power needed Antifa to do violence their behalf without the constraints imposed on official state actors.

Antifa is now attacking people who no longer want to be locked down from COVID, violently enforcing exactly what the Left wants.

They are the unofficial foot soldiers of the entrenched Left.  Of course partisan law enforcement will leave them alone.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is why Antifa was never properly dealt with”
  1. So if I understand correctly, according to Antifa, it is OPPOSITION to fascist government mandates that is fascist, not the fascist government mandates themselves. Well, okay, then.

    1. Well, yeah. As with all Leftist groups, whatever they claim to be fighting against — fascism, injustice, inequality, etc. — what they’re really fighting is non-Left policies, and they’ll openly embrace whatever they claim to be against if it furthers the Left’s goals.

      Thus, Everytown for Gun Safety does not, in fact, promote gun safety. Real gun safety education prevents tragic accidents and negligence, which hinders the Left’s goals of a disarmed populace. And so Everytown promotes gun ignorance, because the tragedies that result from ignorance make it easier to ban “dangerous” guns.

      Any group promoting “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is more about denying white people’s (more specifically, white men’s) professional advancement than seeking population-proportionate racial quotas, because elevating POCs was never the point; suppressing white people is. (And note, neither option involves hiring or promoting the most qualified candidates available, regardless of race.)

      And “Antifa” — publicly a shorthand for “anti-fascism” — calls freedom and individual rights “fascism” while embracing actual fascism when/where convenient to advance the Left’s agenda.

      It all just illustrates two observations about the Left’s behavior:
      1. Any accusation from the Left is also a confession.
      2. If it weren’t for double-standards, they’d have none at all.

  2. Consider that a good number of what used to be the core Democratic party tends to be anti-vax, and this is really a stupid, stupid, STUPID! move.

    But, they probably think that Machiavelli and Clausewitz are dead white males that need to be canceled, and that Sun Tzu is a menu item.

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