Miguel touched on this a little bit already, but I don’t think he captured the big picture.

From Sunday:

Potential Knife Attacker Allegedly Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ Outside Berlin Synagogue, Walks Free

On Friday, security guards outside a Berlin synagogue stopped a knife-wielding attacker who was shouting “Allahu akbar” and “F*** Israel.” The assailant, later identified as a 23-year-old Syrian migrant, was allowed to walk free by the Berlin police, the German newspaper Bild reported.

The attacker climbed the security fence and drew a large knife before running at the guards. He was disarmed by the Berlin police using pepper spray. The police reportedly did not see any grounds for detaining the assailant, a spokeswoman for the Berlin police said. No injuries were sustained during the attack, media reports say.

Antisemitism isn’t just attacking Jews with a knife.  Antisemitism is also watching someone try and attack Jews with a knife and ignore it like it’s a parking ticket.

Cowardice is the police not adequately dealing with Antisemitic violence when it comes from Muslim sources.

Now recall this quote that I use quite frequently: crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it.

Given the news from today, it seems like that attack was a test run, demonstrating just how much resistance German police are put up to attacking Jews at worship.

‘Rampage situation’ as two killed in shooting in German city of Halle

Authorities in the eastern German city of Halle say they are dealing with a “rampage situation” after gunmen reportedly targeted a synagogue and a kebab shop in the city, killing two people.

Several shots were fired in the Paulus quarter north of the city centre around midday, police said. The head of the Jewish community in Halle, Max Privorotzki, told Spiegel magazine that gunmen in military gear had tried to force their way into a synagogue but were repelled by security personnel.

They were repelled but not adequately dealt with, i.e., detained or killed, so found new targets to continue their rampage.

One of the attackers had tried to open the door to the synagogue and then the gate to the cemetery by shooting at the locks. “We barricaded the doors from the inside and waited for the police”, Privorotzki added. Worship had continued after the attack, he said.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Witnesses also said the attackers had fired at a nearby kebab shop, reportedly killing a male customer inside. Two people were taken to hospital with bullet wounds, police confirmed.

Germany’s public prosecutor general took charge of investigations but would not comment on a possible background behind the attack. “We are investigating into all possible directions, including antisemitic and rightwing extremist motives”, a spokesperson told the Guardian.

Police later said one suspect had been arrested but urged people to remain vigilant. It did not give any details of the person arrested and said police were in the process of stabilising the situation.

When they don’t give out the information, you know who did it.  If it were some Teutonic neo-Nazi, they would have his name and picture all over the press.

A resident interviewed by the news agency dpa said a man dressed like a police officer had taken aim and shot a young girl with an automatic rifle outside the synagogue, and then thrown a hand grenade over a wall at the Jewish cemetery. The report could not be confirmed.

Another witness said a man wearing a military outfit and helmet had walked up to the Kiez Döner kebab shop on nearby Ludwig-Wucherer-Strasse and thrown a stun grenade at the building that bounced off the door frame. The man had then fired a shot inside the kebab shop, where five or six people were present, the witness said.

I have covered the rise of hand grenade use in Sweden by radical Muslims as they are easily smuggled into the country from Middle East war zones by returning fighters and their families.

I have my suspicions as to who carried this out, but it really doesn’t matter.

This is two attacks on Synagogues in Germany in a matter of months and the police response has been less than stellar.

I’m starting to think that a 45 on my hip and two reloads is not enough gun for Synagogue.  I wonder if I can find a prayer shawl bag large enough to hide a 11.5 inch 5.56 SBR.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This is why I carry in Synagogue – a terrible week for Jews in Germany”
  1. Correction: It was not the police who let the attacker in Berlin go – it was the district attorney.
    The police just arrests people – the district attorney decides if they go to jail or go free while awaiting a trial (if there even is one).

  2. Meanwhile…

    Some prankster puts bacon on a mosque doorknob, and the entire military, police, and intelligence community are mobilized to find the culprit and ensure they are properly dealt with. (Exaggerations obviously, but an illustration on the disparity in response.)

    Just checked the reports, and the guy that did that got a 12 month sentence for doing it. (It was in the UK.) Granted, he did it with malicious intent, etc… but do you think the guys waving knives at a Synagogue were just playing around???

    Face it, if you are not a muslim, you are not considered worth protecting these days.

  3. SBR?
    If it’s important enough, drop the coin, do the paperwork and get an Uzi.
    The transferable Group Industries ones are still reasonable in relation to every other smg.
    If it ever came down to needing to use it, the ‘optics’ would be my last concern.

  4. Those Jews in Germany ought to immediately condemn third world immigration into the country and urge the rest of their community to do the same.

  5. My non-Jewish wife’s comment was, “H doesn’t need a larger tallit bag. He needs to wear one of those coats the Chasidim wear, as a cover garment.”

    Yes, I carry in the synagogue, including when I’m on the bimah as the Torah reader on Rosh Hashana. And I often wear my Zelman Partisans kippah while I’m reading.


    1. Nice. What do your fellow congregants think of that kippah?

      Last night on Boston news there was an item about 3 punks shooting up a school (with BB guns, as if that makes any real difference). 5 kids injured. Supposedly the authorities know the identity of 2 of them but none have been arrested yet. Mentioned in passing: the school had a short day (half day) because of Yom Kippur. That makes it sound like a Jewish school, but this wasn’t discussed, and the notion that antisemitism could possibly be involved wasn’t mentioned, either.
      I expect the whole thing to be waved off as a “prank” rather than as 5 counts of aggravated assault and 5 counts of attempted murder.

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