I saw this trending on Twitter.

Here is how the entertainment media covered this:

From TMZ:

Halle Berry Hits Gun Range to do Badass Training for ‘John Wick 3’

From Bossip:

Watch 52-Year-Old Halle Berry Shoot Very Big Guns While Looking Delicious In BLAMazing “John Wick: Chapter 3” Promo

From The Chive:

Halle Berry is in the next John Wick and her training is intense

Oh yeah, this is badass and BLAMazing!!!  Go girl!!

That is because Halle Berry is an A-list actress and she is doing live fire training with Taran Butler, with his custom built guns, at his facility.

When you look at how these same outlets address a school shooting and it is nothing but hatred for the NRA and law abiding gun owners.

That brings me to Taran Butler.  One of his modified Glocks runs an easy $3,000.

His training is not open to the public, he spends most of his time training actors.  Range 356 has an article that lists some of the actors and movies he’s associated with.

For you and me, the opportunity to train with a world class shooter at a premier facility would be a dream come true.  Double that if you were actually getting paid to do it.

But half the celebrities he has trained are vocal, anti-gun, anti-NRA, pro-gun control activists who added their star power to March for Our Lives.

He makes money training the people that smear our names and try to ban our sport and teaches them how to look good on screen shooting guns.

I know the guy at Para who made the decision to tell Hollywood to fuck off after they supplied the guns to one of Liam Neeson’s revenge porn movies, and Liam Neeson repaid them by calling for a gun ban in the United States.

I have a great deal of respect for that man.

Taran Butler is the opposite of that and does not disserve any of my business.

For that matter, neither does most of Hollywood.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “This is why I hate Hollywood (and don’t support Taran Tactical either)”
  1. What’s really interesting is the amount of butthurt I generated once, commenting on someone’s FB post about what a BA “real gun guy” Keanu Reeves was with respect to his John Wick training with Butler.

    I suggested that training up for a movie role didn’t make him actually BA, or a “real” gun guy unless he actually owned guns and shot regularly outside of movie prep. I mean, if I went to ski school and learned to ski in order to portray a skier in a movie, but didn’t own any skis and never went skiing on my own, would I be a “real” skier? No.

    But boy, were people mad…

    1. Not really surprising. Lots of people become emotionally attached to the characters actors portray, and get upset when the actor does something the character wouldn’t.

  2. In Los Angeles, capital of the entertainment universe, ubiquitous movie and TV billboard advertisements show actors posing with firearms while disregarding all the rules of gun safety. Actors are shown with loaded firearms, fingers on triggers, muzzles pointed all over the place (including at heads, hands, feet, etc.), with eyes not focusing on the intended target, and with all manner of tricked-out and usually, California-illegal, firearms.

  3. On the other hand, every time Hollywood does a shoot-em-up film, it does a lot of good for our side.
    Even if the dancing monkey goes and runs their noise hole about guns bad afterwards.

  4. I remember being pretty impressed with what Jennifer Lawrence said about making the movie Winter Bone. (Good one, by the way.) Unfortunately that didn’t last long.

  5. I’ve long since stopped going to the movies. The final insult was James Cameron’s statement (paraphrased – not an exact quote) that he’d like to see gun owners shot in the streets. Sideways. With splinters. And the horse you rode in on. I will not spend my $$$ to support people who wish to destroy my culture.

    1. Thankfully, guns are not only meant for authorities here, but for everyone. The only people advocating the hatred of gun owners also suffer the same peril they esteem to prevent: prejudice.

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